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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Bland Beckham?: Victoria Beckham launches diffusion line.

Victoria Beckham has just launched her cat inspired diffusion line: "Victoria, Victoria Beckham" at Harvey Nichols...it apparently sold out on the first day. She should in theory look like the cat who got the cream,yet we can never tell from her furtive sidelong glances.

Love her or loathe her, what she does look like is someone who has found her niche in fashion and who has gone on to prove that you don't need to graduate from Central Saint Martin's to be seen as"Britain's fashion icon"...all about that in  Janet Street Porter's  article for the Daily Mail:

Her main line "Victoria Beckham "retails for a small fortune which quite frankly not many of us have the luxury of spending ... So I guess it could be seen as an astute business move to create a diffusion line, loosely inspired by the cartoon character "Emily the Strange"to bring her "affordable" collection to the table. 
Ermm...that is if your idea of affordable is buying a drop waist shift dress for £395.
I would rather spend that kind of money more wisely and on a "real designer" piece . To be  perfectly honest and from what I've seen of the collection :the diffusion line leaves me cold. There..I've said it.
The  dresses seem to be designed with Alexa Chung in mind which is fine BUT!... if that white dress that Victoria is so amorously sidling up to is anything to go by I say : Run for the hills! Don't sell yourselves short by accepting the dictates of someone who clearly designs for thin women with more money than sense.... AND at these prices, the result is an insult to the word: affordable.

To give the devil his due...I loved her hourglass figure body skimming dresses with the large zipper in the back and even more so when I saw it worn by real women with relentless curves like J-Lo and Britain's Carol Vorderman (below and from behind): 

So Brand Beckham or Bland Beckham ?Or simply Bored of the Beckhams ?
Choose your side...

I shall leave the last word to Janet Street Porter: "...She makes expensive bland clothes only the very rich and the very thin can afford or wear."