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Thursday, 18 October 2012


Kelly Osborne was sporting a manicure at the Emmy's that would be considered "breaking the bank" by any normal and affordable standards. 
*Taken from Grazia magazine*
The dark sparkly manicure is by AZATURE and consists of 267 carats of crushed black diamonds and costs a mind blowing: £160,000 a bottle...of nail varnish....which has a platinum lid...in case you needed more justification to throw your money down the toilet...cos you will, you know...when that polish comes off!!!
*taken from Grazia*
The article in Grazia also mentions that Ms Osborne is the 2nd person to be seen out and about sporting this polish,who was the 1st? Why Jenny from The Block, of course...cos we shouldn't be "fooled by the rocks that (she) got...I'm still Jenny from the block..."

Selfridges in London are set to stock them soon...and if this whimsy hasn't affected you whatsoever...there will be a cheaper alternative coming out too: with just the 1 crushed diamond...for £18.
Well....nail polish for everyone!!!

I wouldn't buy this polish unless it had crushed Hermes leather in it and could sprout a Kelly bag from my finger tips!!!

Fashion foolishness.