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Monday, 16 September 2013

Under the Tuscan skies.....Florence.

A 5 hour drive later, having lefter cooler climes on the Riviera we were once again subjected to extreme heat in la bella Firenze.....what to do but soldier on.

We stayed at The Starhotels Michelangelo : a four star hotel a stones throw from the river Arno and in the consulate district...which we discovered as we walked passed several times. It isn't in the heart of things but the heart is beating 15mns away and you get to it in no time early in the morning when the heat hasn't assaulted the senses but it is a schlep back when you are schvitzing like a demon come midday.

The reception area upon entry does have the "Wow factor" but has a forlorn feeling about it...it lacks the vivacity the decor invites...there is no "bar appeal" even though the bar is quite lovely and the "massage chair" sits amongst the decor like the elephant in the room ....and when you see the size of it...you'll get the picture. 

The room was very nice,extremely comfortable and just the level of modern minimalism that doesn't bring on a sciatica! You can lounge on the settee, there is a desk and chair and the bed is wide and the mattress surprisingly firm. No complaints there,whatsoever...the bathroom was generous in size,well lit ...perfect. Disappointing really that with all that is going for it,the shower can only muster a trickle when you really need a downpour and the bath towel resembled Swiss cheese...The Coach's( I have decided to refer to my other half by his profession...) towel was worn and had several holes...for a 4 star hotel....? Really!



                                                                     *THE HOLE*
Now to breakfast...the buffet is vast and the choice is there and yet...I soon realised there was nothing I really wanted....let alone the bowl of lacklustre salad...for the brave! The croissants were sticky sweet and filled with cream or chocolate...coming from France this was an act of culinary war. The bread: tasteless and I had noticed this in the restaurants too...no salt? Some of the fruits in the fruit salad were inedible: too hard,too soft, no taste and skin like leather you had to swallow it down fast for fear of choking. Very disappointing even the Coach who LOVES his breakfast was extremely let down. And the worst crime of all....lukewarm water coming from the "Hot Water" container...my tea needs to be piping otherwise I simply can't drink it.

 I have saved the best for last: on our last day; Sunday...the day of rest and lying in...we were unceremoniously awoken at 5.30am to the sound of running water and the filling of the bath...yes I am quite sure because it sounded as though it was coming from our own bathroom. Then we could discern the sound of someone bathing...farting....then washing some more from the bassin. The walls are as thin as their towels unfortunately .....

Amusing Moment:

American man in bermudas and flipflops came into the elevator with us, we pressed 3 and he, 4:
" Hot enough for you?..." bemused chuckle as he saw me wipe my brow with the back of my hand.

" Sure is!" I replied a little over enthusiastically.

"Kinda gets ya' where it hurts" he continued merrily as he proceeded to march out ahead of us on our floor and knock on someone's door...except ...

"Erm ...Wrong floor sir" said the Coach to the man who soon realized his mistake and added:

" Darn right makes you delirious too!!!" 

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