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Thursday, 7 June 2012

My musings on :The Muse Hotel,New York.

                                                 To Muse: v.ponder quietly

                                                 The Muse: n. a. A guiding spirit.
                                                                         b. A source of inspiration.
                                                                         c. muse A poet.

You don’t need to “ponder quietly” or otherwise when it comes to making the choice about staying in this little haven off Times Square....just go for it. I did and I had never even heard of this charming boutique hotel a year ago when I was last in New York.

I truly believe that: “a guiding spirit” led me to this hotel when I had just about run through enough hotels online to give me an ophthalmic migraine for a week. I spent hours comparing prices and trying to find the ideal location versus price and still be in a 4 star hotel. Just when I had booked in a well known hotel that was a little more than we agreed to pay for but a fail safe nonetheless , I came across a small boxed advertisement on some anodyne website and had my Hallelujah moment! I swear I heard Frank Sinatra sing “It’s up to you New York, New Yorkkkkk!”...New York chose for me; let me introduce you to:
The Muse.

As creatures of habit, my sister and I always circumnavigate the same areas when it comes to staying in hotels in New York...and for the last 6 years or so we have been concentrating on the Columbus circle area and loving it. So I was a little nervous about leaving my haunts to move to Times square but I needed to mix it up a little and I had complete confidence in The Kimpton group who had pampered me from the get go. It came out during my reservation that it was my BF’s birthday treat and his first time in New York...a double reason for wanting things to run smoothly and not to be let down by anything if humanly possible. Not only were all my requests met upon check in... (a room away from street and construction noise...) we also happened to be far away from the elevator too... Bonus!

There was a lovely welcoming card and chocolate in the shape of a New York cab for my BF ... wishing him a Happy Birthday. We were blown away with the deluxe king size room that was decorated with a keen eye for the original and savoir flair! Down to the plaster bust beneath the flat screen TV.

As a member of the Kimpton group... (I signed on straight away) we got free Wi-Fi and were given $15 off the mini bar...how cool is that??The Morning newspapers are complimentary and laid by your door daily by faeries...we never heard the slightest sound.( I remember hearing the newspapers being dropped as if from on high in front of every darned room on our floor when we were last in Montreal...every day!)Then again we were never inconvenienced by any noise whatsoever and slept like babies. The only tiny weenie criticism we had was that the towels were a little on the thin side, not very plush and my BF ..during an involuntary Hulk moment, inadvertently ripped one while drying himself...Sorry!

Every morning around 11am for an hour there is complimentary coffee/tea served in the reception area. The mysterious curtains by the reception desk were whisked open twice daily “Tah Dah!” style... to unveil a bar from which the wine is also served every evening from 5 till 6. This happy ambiance adds to the fun and cordial atmosphere of the Muse Hotel. Happy people make for a happy, fun vibe and everyone there was: Hap, Hap...Happy! The Muse is all about your pleasure which is tantamount to them and they make sure that your stay there is as seamless as possible. Forget your toothbrush? Mouthwash? Hairbrush? Band-Aid? They have it all and then some( on the house naturally) with a list as long as your weekly grocery shopping.

The laid back vibe and cool decor of NIOS: the in house bar and restaurant is inviting as opposed to off putting...sometimes the “cooler” the place is the colder the atmosphere, lending it an intimidating air that is quite common in New York.You don’t need to claim your spot in Nios nor in any area of this upbeat, vibrant hotel...The Muse makes its space your own for as long as you are staying there.

Everyone from the reception, to the restaurant and even the guests themselves with whom we chatted freely with in the elevator were all without exception professional, charming and extremely friendly. We were given great directions and tips for dinner and drinks....but more about that on a separate posting...this is all about The Muse.

So, planning a trip to New York?....Go “find your muse” at The Muse Hotel: 130 w.46th street ( between 6th and Times Square) A hop and skip away from Rockefeller plaza...right in the beating heart of NYC.
Inspiring and inviting , a modern and fresh approach to the hotelier business...I give it a HUGE FOAM THUMBS UP!...So you can see it from space...

Many, many thanks to Samantha and all the staff at The Muse ...for making our stay special.

Do check out this fabulous website and the gorgeous gallery of photos...that do it better justice than my own.
There are rooms with balconies, a gym and your pooches are not only welcomed but equally pampered...what is not to like about The Muse? 
Find something,I dare you...