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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Que Sera...Serra-valle:Designer Outlet

My sister and I decided on a girls day out in Scrivia,Italy....
Scrivia? I hear you say...What the hell is there to do there?
SHOP,my friends...whatever else?
Serravalle is designer outlet village..about 2 and half hours from Monaco as the crow flies...well rather as the Porsche flies.It is not far from Genova and on your way to Milan...and you have to be in the mood to drive. Thank God for sisters with fast cars.

It was very quiet being mid-week, and  pretty grey and drizzly...like that could be a deterrent.There were a few shoppers nonetheless....and a street sweeper (see photo below)

After Bicester, this is more sportswear,less fancy...there isn't even a proper restaurant here,but the snack bars are nice and perfectly fine.

There are of course the Big Guns : Etro, Bulgari, Versace, Ferragamo...and Prada, to name a few. But Prada was a little empty of stock...once again I am comparing my visit to Bicester last Autumn which was bursting  at the seams with stock and clients.

There is no Gucci...strangely enough but all in all,there is something for everyone .For the sports fanatics such as my BF:  a great Asics store with a large selection, Puma,Nike and a cavernous Adidas that has seen better days . I excitedly plucked a workout cropped ,drop crotch trouser to try on. My sister took one look at it and sang:
"... You can't touch that.....MC Hammer moment there Reem?!"
One word :hideous...actually make that 2 words, you can add: ridiculous.That was probably why there was a railing full of them...even Adidas disowned it.
So enough about the bad...what did I buy?

Trainers at Asics for 73€
Leather pale pink brogues from Pollini...functional,funky....and F-ugly (my BF's description,not mine) 149€
A pearl necklace from Ferragamo, a steal at 90€
Silk scarf from Etro...did want a dress,but no longer had my size...
Brooks Brothers polo for my beloved 44€ and a SUMO Lindt Easter rabbit! 7€
Yes..there is a Lindt shop there.

Serravalle Designer Outlet : Via della Moda 1, Serravalle, Scrivia 15069 Italy.
Open Mon-Sun 10.00 am to 8.00pm