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Saturday, 27 October 2012

An Aromatic Upgrade...

We were checking in at our hotel in London and all was going swimmingly until the lady at reception looked up at us in dismay and said:
"I am terribly sorry ladies...but your room isn't ready...would you like a drink at the bar? It should take about 20mns.."
My sister and I looked at each other and declined the offer graciously wanting to quickly drop our luggage off in our room and go and have a late lunch.
"Not to worry...we will give you an upgrade!"she replied when she saw that we weren't in the mood to hang about.
And just like that...we were granted a "better" room (not that the usual was anything but perfect for us,so we were excited about this upgrade)....
...until we walked in to find ourselves in what seemed to be an identical room.There was no table on one side of the bed where the desk normally was ,there was no friendly fruit platter nor complimentary bottle of water. 
"What is that smell?" I asked my sister.

Later while sitting with friends we told them about our baffling upgrade:
"Sometimes it is not about the size of the room" said my friend's husband." They'll add a chair...."
"No...they only thing they added was a smell!" I replied bombastically.

Book Recommendation: Tigers in Red Weather by Liza Klaussmann

Don't let the title throw you...although I do admit to mulling it over and over in my head to make sense of it....the choice of title will become clear at the very end.
Until then...do NOT be in hurry to find out as this will make you rush through a bewitching novel,with palpable intrigue that has you rooted to your seat,bed, couch wherever you choose to be while reading this novel.

This is about a family in the aftermath of the 2nd World War:Nick and Helena...2 cousins who are so close that their love for each other sometimes becomes confused and in that confusion contempt has time to breed and proliferate into their lives. 
This is about childhood dreams and adult realities,about their husbands, off springs and their lovers.
A wonderful tale told from 5 perspectives and no,that doesn't effect the tale it actually enhances it.
Curious yet?