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Friday, 27 July 2012

Let The Games Begin!!....

...And I ain't talking the Olympics...although there has already been some cringe worthy faux pas...

Christian Bale has been a decent human being and gone to visit the victims of the horrific shooting in Colorado...at least he will now not only be remembered for wigging out BIG TIME on set of the Terminator.

Russell Brand has some community service to do for throwing a paparazzo's camera to the ground...that for me is no crime worthy of community service...What Russel Brand should be guilty and held accountable for is his appalling dress sense: leg warmers and flip flops...Really? And for making 2 of the worst movies known to mankind: his version of Arthur...and the animation film: "Hop"...at least there was only his voice to contend with but even that grated on my nerves.

Kristen Stewart is a love rat!! CRASH BOOM WALLOP!...the girl has only started to crack a smile, you would think that dating the handsome Pattinson was like swallowing grated glass... the cheating has obviously made her smile about something other than being Bella to Pattinson's Edward....Sad? Maybe...Surprised? Not..she said it herself in an interview..she wanted something "bad" to happen to her...Deal with the fallout...I recommend going back to looking sullen to the crestfallen "Cullen".

Anyone else confused by what is going on with the late, great Micheal Jackson's disappearing mom?And the panicked tweets from his 3 kids!!!?? What is that all about?? The Jackson rumour mill is in overdrive and I can never tell who is whom in the Jackson clan anymore...Janet is the only one who stands out. The others are a blurr of bad nose and chin jobs....to be continued somewhere on Twitter.