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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

From Cannes to Morocco via the 1970's...

Monday 9th May,2011:
Location: La Croisette, Cannes...on the corner of Hermes and expensive.

...I spied my pal Amine, who used to be my "Paris Pret a Porter" stomping ground buddy back in my days at Pashion. I haven't seen him since and was so utterly surprised to see him in Cannes amidst the pre Film Festival mayhem .
 He was here for "Marie Claire Arabia" to attend what has to be one of the most coveted affairs : the Chanel Cruise show at the Eden Roc. I caught him one hour before the show shopping at Hermes?  He was dressed in his indomitable style, encapsulating both chic and tongue in cheek and the hug he gave me made up for all the lost time and gave me pause to remember...

*Photo courtesy of Amine Jreissaty: AJ and the incomparable K.L*

Spotted: the gorgeous Blake Lively, Face of Chanel, in Cannes for the show.Obviously her presence would be required ...I only wish mine was too...but hey, you can't have everything . I adore the lovely Blake Lively, in my eyes she can do no wrong but when she messed with her hair....I saw red. Blake don't mess with the locks, orangutan is not your colour.
Gossip girl xoxo

Everyone's favourite butterfly Diva Mariah Carey gave birth to twins and proceeded to ruin the best years of their lives : the girl is called Monroe after Marilyn , an homage to the late great star  and the boy is called Moroccan... an homage to the Moroccan room Mariah and Nick have in their NYC  apartment.  I just hope these kids are going to be home schooled.... for their own sakes.
So I guess Alicia Silverstone naming her son Bear Blu will barely make a ripple in the ocean of  utterly bonkers names....

Elle Macpherson seems to have utterly embraced the 70s look.... to such an extent that she appears in full Charlies Angels regalia on her school run...wow...that hairstyle alone must take forever to get just on the right side of poofy without coming across as vulgar or Farah Fawcett...now if she shows up in a red bathing suit with nipples standing to attention ... grab your kids and RUN!

Actually, upon further investigation, she looks like one of those giant Royal Poodles.....Talk about taking a fad too far....Is that a camel toe I spy? Never a good look no matter who you are.

NB: Is it just me and my sister but....doesn't David Beckham look like Ricky Gervais in William and Kate's wedding photos ?... Who would have thought I would one day be making that comparison...Then again Ricky should be proud.