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Thursday, 14 June 2012

How much is that Blender in the Window?...

Due to a moment of carelessness on my part, the glass jug of our blender lay in jagged pieces on the floor....Stupid,stupid,stupid.

We went to buy a new one yesterday...jug,blender and all. We saw the same and decided to go for round 2 with the same one ...at least we'll have spare parts!
I finally spy a sales girl..they are always scarce when you have made your choice and she looks it up on the computer to check availability and  then announces:
"That will be 32€99..."
"But it is listed at 29€99" replied my BF calmly.
"Well the price went up" she replied getting bored with the conversation now.
"When did it go up ?" I ask her.
"Just now...a few minutes ago" she replies a little stupidly.
I crack up laughing in her face: " Just Now!!!"

Obviously the law is on our side on this one...the listed price is the price one is required to pay and so we walked out victorious... with our blender at 29€99.