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Wednesday, 23 December 2015


If you are dreamin' of a White Christmas....good luck with that...global warming my friends!
But dream we will and dream away......

So I shall leave you with these 2 fab looks ... on which I shall superimpose my head ....  and 
......dance away to 

" Downtown" by Macklemore and Lewis....


...you know you want to watch this!


For all you lazy bones...who didn't "click on da link"....

This is for you in technicolour greatness!

You gotta have some Macklemore to brighten your day:...you just gotta....

Wednesday, 16 December 2015




FROM £880


Saturday, 12 December 2015

There can only be One : 4711

Most of you must remember the one and only original :Eau de Cologne 4711....
My dad used to splash that stuff into his hands and rub them together and the smell still lingers on my mind.

Just like Badedas...remember that blast from the past? Does this bubble bath even still exist?...hmmm...something to look into.

But back to this....4711 has a revival! 
I picked up this little trick from a magazine I read;

"....hairdresser Adam Reed recommends splashing a cotton handkerchief with 4711 and rubbing it on your roots...as an instant refresher and hair cleanser..."

Who would have thought of it!

Apparently it also works wonders if you have overloaded your hair with product...I tend to go a little wild with hair serum on my fringe and it just dries in a clumpy, greasy mess...So rub 4711 into your hair with your hands and it should break the product down.

It apparently can also be used to break down the dye colour stain one tends to get along our hairline .....

To be tested.

One last little tidbit:

Now this I found amusing :....apparently if you are not a dab hand at creating the perfect extended line of eyeliner along your eye...open up your wallet, remove your Amex...and use it to guide you in the right and straight direction....
Any credit card will do...heck even your Harrods rewards card, Waitrose....Boots?...

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Here we HOBO again....

We have been down the Hobo path together and in the past...yet in fashion, the past is forever present and what goes around comes around.

Coach brought bag the Hobo bag for this season and I am super jazzed to say that I purchased it in green when I was in NYC at the end of summer....So imagine my unmitigated joy at seeing it in Coach's ad campaign ...

It is a super bag, light and practical and sits oh so snuggly on the shoulder that I don't even have to consider using the over the shoulder strap that can be attached to it....
...to be honest I find the strap to be a little on the slim side, liking a bolder strap to make more of a  statement. The "statement" Coach's wee strap makes... is one of  discomfort and insecurity.

So...moving on to the images:

*COACH NoMad HOBO in BUTTERSCOTCH*.....and shearling peacoat....

Monday, 23 November 2015

Riding on Coat Tails

....Still chasing that elusive coat...

Chanel's iconic tweed and oversized....

Blue and red tweed coat: £2,326

The caped crusader ....

Bottega Veneta's black and white wool cape: £1,155

I believe these shots were taken in Amsterdam...kind of looks familiar.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

LOUBOUTIN'S LIPS don't Lie.....

Yep! Here is round two for your delectation....Louboutin certainly wouldn't stop at Nail Polish... here is the Big Reveal for those....who aren't already in the know :

LOUBOUTIN LIP COLOUR has launched and looks like a piece of Egyptian jewellery... as precious as though it comes from Cleopatra's own boudoir.

Each different packaging contains a choice of either : sheer, matte or satin lip colour...there are 37 shades to choose from so choose wisely.....£65

Wednesday, 14 October 2015


The former editor of VOGUE PARIS has signed up for "bringing sexy back"...to Uniqlo....
.....then again one can hardly call anything sold at Uniqlo...sexy....until the 29th of October, of course.

So everyone with a modicum of fashion savvy, knows who Carine Roitfeld is....and if you think Anna Wintour is terrifying...well,she makes her look like a pussycat:

Just like Anna Wintour, Carine knows her stuff and she wielded a mighty sword when she was editor of VOGUE PARIS...but now she gets to share her fashion style with the common people. Lap it up, ladies!

Her 40 piece collaboration with Uniqlo...comes as well....erm.....a surprise?! This lady has a Rolodex of the best and most coveted designers on the planet so why on earth would she go high street?...Cos she is savvy, that's why!

As a staunch supporter of "curvier" girls, Carine has made it a point that her collection can accommodate the slim to the curvy without any jealous temper tantrums and that these pieces will retain their "chic-ness" despite the fact that they will be machine-washable...pure genius.

So what is left to be said....make sure you get there bright and early...because as any collaboration goes from H&M to Uniqlo...the early birds will get.....

Monday, 12 October 2015

Caught between a COAT and a hardplace....

Buying a coat is a pain in the butt...I try to go for a solid classic and hold on to it for at least 2 years...until I can't stand the sight of it a moment longer.

I am at that point...

So....what to get?

Now a cape is chic and sophisticated... as is this one by Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane but not your everyday...Lord I am freezing my tits off....alternative.
But I did buy one from COS...it is minimalistic black and as normcore as it comes for a pared down look. And ..it didn't cost the earth, so a no-brainer for my wardrobe.

But which direction to go coat wise?...I am so over camel (Max Mara)...just had it up to here with grey (Nicole Farhi)....

Could this stunning Celine lambskin be inspirational?....

Or do I go back to my Capt. Haddock roots and resume my love affair with a peacoat?

This one by Fendi gives "peacoats" a whole new vibe....and gives me direction.

Away with the fuddy duddy, belted camel coat, the mannish black below the knee or anything that hints at being different....this winter I want a 3/4 length peacoat with pizzazz...Fendi-esque it is!

Friday, 25 September 2015

Welcome to the Gucci Pet Shop

Autumn is officially upon us and as we start to leave our sandals for more adequate footwear I am happy to see that foot fur has now become a look du jour.

And by that I don't mean hairy toes...(God forbid) nor hairy feet...(eek!!)...but the unique crossover from Celine's fluffy Birkenstocks that sort of engulfed your feet to Gucci's creation of a puppy Chewbacca that has literally swallowed them....your feet...you are still with me, I hope.

UK Elle magazine quotes that you can:.." style them - with denim or a vintage print dress..." I beg to differ...you can wear these incredibly overpriced "slippers" in your uber chic chalet in Aspen ... while sipping on aged Cognac and making a playing card house out of your credit cards...
Come On Now!!! You wear these outside you will be mocked and vilified and ridiculed and let's not mention the fact that you will be cleaning the streets with your Gucci Swiffers wherever you go....at £1,230 go get thee a handbag.

On a more serious note:

Now this has more class and trend appeal and doesn't make we want to rush to the RSPCA and make a call for animal cruelty...

Ah...the tomfoolery of Fashion.

Saturday, 22 August 2015


 There is something about the insouciance that emanates  from Stella Tennant...that makes us  feel that we can pull these looks off without a hitch and with just as much gamine panache.

These looks are what my dream wardrobe would contain...minus the furry goat trotters...

Khaki parka:Sacai Luck £2,330
Checked wrap shirt:Rosetta Getty £720
White cotton shirt: No.21 £290
Silk trousers: Michael Kors £625
Fur "trotters": Brother Vellies £260....

Cotton jacket with stitch detail: Lanvin £2,105            
Jersey vest: Splendid £50                                                 
Cotton trousers: Dries Van Noten £326                          
Leather slides....who cares....         

Gabardine jacket: Lanvin £2,060
Cotton trousers:Dries Van Noten £247
Scarf: Hermes
Fur things on her feet...yuck....
Wool blazer £1,220 and trousers £565: Gucci               
Crepe de chine shirt:Hermes £1,010                              
Silk scarf: Hermes  

Tweed coat £5,550 and trousers £1,420 Chanel                                                                 Seersucker shirt: Ganni £180 
Sweater and jewellery ...Stella's own

Monday, 3 August 2015

What's Up, Doc' ?

If Jessica Rabbit had a weekend wardrobe away from the glitz and the glamour, she would nimbly be "hot to trottin'" in a pair of Minna Parikka "bunny ear" shoes.

Yes.... you heard me correctly...Marc Jacobs has the "mouse" pump, Charlotte Olympia has the "cat"...it only stands to reason that someone would use "bunny ears" in the same vein.
And Helsinki based Minna's fun footwear has (unbelievably) been around for a decade...but it was when she transposed the signature bunny years to her high top sneakers, did things take off with her celebrity followers: Taylor Swift, Cara Delavigne..

Enough chatting...here they are:

High tops retail at : £172
Ballet pumps at: £137

Bunny Hop, anyone?

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Lewis HAM-ilton.....

What a "Ham"...that Lewis...always wanting to be the centre of attention and now he thinks of himself as some sort of fashion connoisseur....


Lewis is following the school of the more the better and by that I mean "styles"...

Check it out ...once again courtesy of "Heat" magazine.

So here we have a multiple personality disorder at it's schizophrenic best....

"I wanna be Pharrell....No! Will-I-Am...Maybe Not...How about Crocodile Dundee?...no no no. Bear Grylls??? 

" I wanna be likedddd...boo hooooooo! Why doesn't anybody like meeeee?!

The final nail of his fashion coffin was appearing at Wimbledon ..only to be turned away . He turned up at the Royal Box looking like..."Yeah!"...only to be turned away when he refused to put on the required jacket and tie.

Obviously the Etro shirt (look pictured above on the right hand side)...did nothing to impress the stewards .

Frankly..there is absolutely nothing that impresses me about Mr. Hamilton and least of all his dress sense and common etiquette.

Verdict: ZZZZZzzzzz.


.....The lovely Jane Birkin has asked Hermes to remove her name from the Birkin Croco bag after seeing a PETA expose on the cruel way alligators and crocodiles are slaughtered in order to make the luxury handbags that retail at $300,00 !

Hermes has not issued a comment.

On a lighter note:

Thanks to a moment of relaxation with my guilty pleasure: "Heat "magazine ..I came across this....let me give it my own title:

                                                  " It's KRIS-MISS Time!!"....

Take a look for yourselves...and be your own judge ...cos the jury is out on this one!!!

1] Either cleavage or legs: a rule of thumb..otherwise you come off looking like someone from a Reality TV show....Oh, wait! She's in one.

2] Pyjama party anyone? Despite the acidic Hermes...this whole ensemble screams daycare center...

3] Why Valentino had to come up with this headache of a camouflage collection is beyond me...I guess for the likes of Momma Kris. Where to start? To camouflage is to melt into the background....this is a far cry from that.

1] Once you have taken it all in....what is the one thing that stands out? Those open toed, over the knee boots!...Any footwear that takes a sentence to describe, should be immediately dispensed with. ....Kris looks like a potted plant.

2] Micheal Jackson is ALIVE and well.... and channelled through Kris. She really does live in Neverland....

Age appropriate dressing shouldn't mean "mumsey" but this maelstrom of nightmarish outfits is more freakshow than reality show.

I need to wash my eyes out.

Sunday, 26 July 2015


I have a soft spot for Pharrell as a musician, singer, leader of trends and fashion template.

I know he has a "penchant" for wearing a Chanel " sautoir"...and he wears it well, dare I say with a certain "insouciance" and "panache". In fact while here... as in Cannes...during the Film Festival and before his concert at The Sporting in Monaco...Pharrell was spotted in the Chanel boutique on the Croisette with his wife...certainly doing a spot of shopping.

So I really shouldn't be surprised that he has been chosen to feature with Cara Delavigne in this Fall-Winter 2015 ad campaign....

First thought:" Cara...lovely as usual....aH! Pharrell....yes....trousers very un-Chanel like...and more Maharishi circa late 90s....Wow! He can wear a thick cable knit sweater under that gorgeous coat...if I tried that, I'd look like Moby Dick...."

Followed by:

"...YAOWZER!...Them hills are alive with the sound of Pharrell in lederhosen!!!!....YIKES! ..those boots...that Fraulein cardi...No! No! Noooooooo"...I am blinddddd...."

If he collaborates with Daft Punk on a new rendition of "Edelweiss"...I'm outta here!

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen....Goodbyeeeeee

Thursday, 16 July 2015


This woman has singlehandedly turned the President of The United States...to mush....I mean.. Olivia Pope has....in "Scandal"...of course.

She can problem solve in a click of her Prada heeled shoe and has made "white... the new black".... This woman rocks! And yet...the show is so ridiculously implausible and far fetched...YET... still we watch , eyes glued to our screens.

This show makes "House of Cards" almost look tedious and gives us more interior scenes of The White House  than it's far more serious counterpart. I mean seriously....Why do Frank Underwood and Claire only use 3 rooms in the entire White House, huh?... the Oval Office, Clare's bedroom and that "sitting room" in the landing...?...That's all we ever see!!!!

So Olivia Pope/ Kerry Washington : with her pout and the ungainly way she guzzles wine ...that would make and Frenchman or woman gasp with shock... has our attention even when we want to tear ourselves away...and by Jingo! I have tried...

I...JUST...CAN'T ...DO...IT!!!!


Here just for you...and you....and you!!

A little pick me up to help us face the day ahead...

The face of Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue....and Ambassador for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home...can we love him any more?!


Once more for all you late arrivals:

Yep !! Still looking good.

Onwards with our day!

Monday, 13 July 2015

SELF PORTRAIT...a labour and label of love.

It has been a while since my head has been turned around by a collection and it was amazingly so, on my last trip to London .

We were in Selfridges... which in my eyes is the No.1 department store for trends and new designers all housed in a vibrant setting that induces the need to shop....and as I walked away from Philip Lim...or was it Alexander Wang...I get those 2 mixed up...my eyes alighted on these riveting beauties....

Lo and behold.....

SELF PORTRAIT:....feast your eyes....

I got goose bumps in their presence...that is when I knew I was in front of excellence. Am I going overboard and overdoing the gushing?
Hell! No...Let me get to the best part....these gorgeous dresses are so affordable it is mental!

Anywhere between:£200-£320....I kid you not.

So who is this wunderkind?
Malaysian born, Central Saint Martins trained: Han Chong...who decided to bridge that unthinkable market between High Street and designer...and he pulls it off. I could barely get myself to touch these dresses..they oozed pricey and chic and magnificence...that a hand that had just touched items from Whistles...should promptly be sanitised. Then I saw the price tag and thought I had crossed over into the Twilight zone until a fellow shopper who was beside me marvelling at these magnificent creations looked up at me and nodded...

Well, needless to say that the A-listers are enamoured and that the collection has sold out on Net-a-Porter within 3 days of it getting listed...and Selfridges has them flying off the rails at about 100 a week since it hit the floor in August 2014.

Have I convinced you to get a Self Portrait?...Lord I hope so...just don't all rush there at once!

NB. A shout out to the lovely Emilia Bechrakis...(what are the odds she will read this)...these dresses are made for you!

Wednesday, 8 July 2015


Wednesday, 24 June 2015

BEAST: a Restaurant for Fearless Eaters

My friend Rula suggested we meet for dinner at a restaurant someone told her about...conveniently called:

BEAST....strange as that may seem you will be greeted by a HUGE bear sculpture at the entrance....hmmm.

The reception is bare other than the bear....and you get a upmarket downtown gallery vibe...until you step out of the lift and into Hogwarts dining hall.

It is truly gorgeous.... with candlelight flickering from the communal table candelabras and from the multitudes suspended above your head.

It is rowdy and welcoming and you expect Dumbledore to make his speech and whip out the sorting hats...instead we got a waitress who had to give us a rather long monologue on how to order, how to eat what we order ...and all in that order!

This is a meat eaters paradise and Norwegian King crab heaven....and the portions are HUGE!...hence BEAST and BEAR!

Rula and I switched off mid speech and Rula...disregarding all that was said, looks up at the waitress and says:

"I want a small filet...."...this after the waitress gave us strict instructions and weight guidelines: 500grms here, a ton there....

My sister and Rula's husband went for the massive crab legs that could easily feed a family of four and we shared ...as is suggested...the side orders that were all delicious.

You can't be thrifty and go for dinner at Beast...it is a relatively expensive establishment with a wine list not for the faint of heart.

Did we enjoy the food: absolutely! It is good fun and well worth seeing.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Be Careful Not to PREFALL....

...a little play on words urging you to beware....

PREFALL...is on it's way....

...and I haven't even cracked open my bathing suit drawer....PSHHHHH.

So as the French like to say:

"Pour le plaisir des yeux.../ Let your eyes enjoy..."

This gorgeous ensemble is by EMPORIO ARMANI

And the stunning boots: TABITHA SIMMONS

There...you've been forewarned...before you have even made a dent in your summer wardrobe...Fall is slinking in.

Thursday, 28 May 2015


I LOVE this look so much....I posted it twice!

Look to your right ...Yes! there under FROCKS FASH FAV:

and now below in all it's glory:

Now sing the following to a Samba beat: ..."It's that bag...that bag, that bag, that bag..."

"Louis Vuitton"  bag in textured "Epi" leather and cross over chain: £1,950

 "Ashish"   Sequin and lame jeans:  £1,176

"Current Elliot" cotton/denim shirt: £220

"Chloe" leather sandals :£705

All this by FENDI!

Denim crop jacket: £700
Denim jodhpur cropped tousers:£450
Leather patterned "Peekaboo" bag: £3,290

Non Fendi items:

White cotton top:Margaret Howell £295
Leather sandals: Marni £530

Monday, 25 May 2015


So the blessed film festival is over; Palme d'Ors have been handed out, hands shaken, backs patted and the paparazzi have moved onto pastures new or.... nude.

I have always had a love/ hate relationship with the film festival that dates back to my teen years  and watching it on TV with Barry Norman giving us the details of the stars' comings and goings.

Fast forward many years later... I am now living in Cannes and my relationship with the film festival is still as fraught as ever.
Apart from fleeting moments during lunches on beaches years ago... when that 2nd bottle of rose has you winking at Micheal Dougla....Did I feel like I had finally stepped into my television set and was living the dream....

Apart from the period I worked for Pashion magazine and wore the journalist badge with pride...until that is... I noticed that mine did not get me into films, after parties and generally...anywhere exciting...did I feel part of an exclusive enclave of people. 

Where does that leave me now? Older and wiser and happy to read about it and deal with the pangs of "what ifs "....from a safe distance.

So what has caught my attention?

There was a NO SELFIE rule ....like that is ever going to stop the likes of  ...well anyone on the red carpet! Selfies are considered vulgar and pedestrian and surely too primitive for the likes of the red carpets in Cannes or at The MET Ball...much to Anna Wintours disgust. But when Kim K/West can publish an entire book dedicated to just that...well where does that leave that rule? Out of the window.

There was a NO FLATS rule....excusez moi? I am conflicted ....and frankly torn. Obviously a long dress needs heels, like a fish needs water...But what of the extremely tall? Tilda Swinton for example ,surely she can pull off flats without getting anyone into a flap?

Moving on to Aishwarya Rai...and a journalist who decided to go on a : NO FLAB rant...


I present you with exhibit no.1:

Gorgeous, class act Aishwarya in an Oscar de la Renta gown:

And exhibit no.2:....

Yup! There it is...the offending flab...
Where is underarm "overflow" Spanx when you need it? 
So on a scale from 0 to 10 ..how offended are you?....hmmmm? Be honest now...

I can list 5 celebrities whose dress sense offends me on any given day and the lovely Ms. Rai is not one of them.

So lets us recap...Cannes 2015:

NO FLAB.....



Monday, 18 May 2015


Thursday, 14 May 2015


....& let the festivities begin.
And it has...the traffic is appalling, people are gawking and stopping at a hair's breath in front of you to point at Lord only knows what...but point they must...and gawk...

People have set up their seats and ladders and whatnot 2 days before the official opening of the Cannes festival in order to get a photo, a selfie with a known film star...and blown kiss...a peek of spanx underwear...anything goes.

So here goes:

Charlize and her gorgeous legs...and this Valentino dress:

Is the photo BIG enough for you? Hmmmmm?...cos here goes:

What an ugly dress for such a beautiful woman...in fact I doubt this dress will look good on any woman.

Seriously, I know that fringes are in...but this looks like the fringes on a palm parasol on a beach in Saint Tropez...you know the ones I mean.  Then I take offence with those "lacy" type bands around her body, followed by the tutu polka netting at her throat.. the bow....no no no no NO!

(DEEP SIGH.....)

Someone please say it for me: Charlize! Get thee to another stylist!

The only thing that looks good are her legs, her head and her smile....

The poor girl is only 39 years old!...this makes her look old and like Josephine Baker...

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Covert in Chanel

The Chanel espadrilles are like the Holy Grail....everyone lusts after them, covet them  from near and far and yet...many can't get their bloody hands on them!

Selfridges, London (last Saturday...around late morning):

I am waltzing around the shoe dept. while my sister makes a bee-line for Chanel: ..."just to check..."

"PssssT...." says my sister while waving me over.

I release a pair of Isabel Marant sandals I have also been coveting but find wayyyyy too expensive and head on over to Chanel and my sister.

" Look she whispers"...(cos when espadrilles are involved you gotta whisper ...they are like fairies or unicorns...and can disappear in a blink of an eye.).." see that girl is trying on a pair!"

So we amble on over, all easy breezy and I glance over my shoulder..nice and subtle like and sure enough a young girl is trying on a pair...but not one I am overly excited about.

"I don't like them" I reply as we finish casing the joint.
"Yeah! Me neither " replies my sister.
As we are about to move along , a couple are there on the cusp of approaching the salesgirl who has snapped the shoebox closed as though it was Pandora's box.
The lady asks about the espadrilles....

" Look! She is asking about them too!"....but the  shaking of the salesgirl's head is enough to move the couple along.

"Oh for God's sake ! Let's ask!"...I say to my sister.

"Excuse me..."

The sales girl looks startled and wants to flee , shoe box in hand...


"Do you have any other espadrilles available?" we ask.

"Only these" she says looking around in order not to create a scene. "Which ones are you looking for?"

"The classic ones with the toe caps" we reply in semi tandem.

"Oh , they didn't make them this season" she replies with aplomb and blind certitude.

"Funny!...There were a few available in Cannes a few days ago..." replies my sister, deadpan.

"Lucky Cannes!" she retorts as though we were questioning her in front of a judge and jury.

"Well, thank you, anyway" we smile and walk away from her and the need for these elusive espadrilles from Chanel.

Now let me get back to those Isabel Marants....

It's all about That Face!...

Lindsey Wixson gives you face...in fact she gives Great face!

And she is the face of Fendi sunglasses summer 2015:

As well as other parts of her body for Fendi's Spring- Summer 2015 collection:

I am enthralled with this season's new look sunglasses that are a little "out there" and deliciously daring:

Here are my next favourite pair from Miu Miu:

Now these have some serious street cred appeal.

Which do you prefer?

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Mission Impossible....

*courtesy of Chanel.com*
These were the mission and Yes!.. it was nigh on impossible...until my friend Stephane (now my inside man in Chanel ) rang me yesterday:

"We have just received a few espadrilles!...and as I know how much you wanted a pair..."

My sister lives in Monaco...and as leaving the office for shopping is not high on her daily to do list...she decided to call her "local Chanel"....on the off chance.

"Bonjour!"...my sister.

"Oui, bonjour"... sales assistant.

" Can you put me through to the shoe department please..."

"And may I ask why?"....sales assistant with high "snoot factor" .

" Well....(sister taking a relaxing breath...) I was told that Chanel in Cannes has just received some espadrilles and as I am not in the position to drive all the way there and back....(another deep, cleansing breath)...I was wondering whether you may have received a shipment too...?"

"Oh! I can't possibly discuss this with you over the phone, Madame....as you can well imagine, these are extremely popular and would require for you to come to the shop to find out in person."

My sister in her head: "...Oh pardon me! I had no idea that this is such sensitive material....!!! Are we being bugged by the Fashion Police?"
Or: ..." Good Lord, please excuse me...I didn't realise that I've just dialled the Oval Office...."

Lesson du jour :
Shop in Chanel, Cannes :there are some good, decent people there, some of whom I happen to know well.
If you are up for the challenge, need to get rid of some frustration and can do with a dose of verbal sparring: Chanel, Monaco it is...Go show them who's boss!

Friday, 24 April 2015

Ancient Greek Sandals: give you Wings!

My Ancient Greek Sandals have arrived !!...After a one month "well worth the wait"...for them to be handmade made, naturally.

After having seen them in GRAZIA magazine....I went after them like a heat seeking missile...

Once on their website, which is not only gorgeous but very user friendly: I was happy to see that the above sandal came in a shorter version...less climbing vine and more lawn length...
Which was a wonderful surprise and  a much better option for "vertically challenged " me! As well as in a selection of colour variations.

So without further ado, let me give you the skinny on this wonderful design duo and their "dreamy" product:

Ancient Greek Sandals were awarded the : Stelios Award for Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Greece 2014.

They are all about tradition meets myths, Goddesses and Gods...with a high end faultless finish. Each product is named after a Greek God or Goddess , a muse or a myth.

They are not about following trends and beat their own design drums....Ancient Greek Sandals was created when there was a hole in the market. They stepped in and simply made magic happen....immediately.

Just go to their website and see, everything is perfectly taken care of...the proof is in my pudding...the finished product even smells of quality.

Recommend it? Highly...in fact you must invest in a pair of Ancient Greek Sandals.

What is their guarantee? That the product will age beautifully, that the leather will gain a gorgeous patina and furthermore....they will fit and feel better the more you wear them.

Come on! Who doesn't want a little piece of Athena, Diana or Zeus...?
The wings are in the buckle... Who needs Redbull?!