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Monday, 28 January 2013

Bobbi Brown is in Town !


It is all hearts and flowers 'cos the news is good: Bobbi Brown is in Cannes! And on the rue D'Antibes naturally; a stone's throw from Sephora and next to Reminiscence...the tell tale turquoise awning is a dead give away. 
Everyone complains about the price of renting space here and yet...the big guns are sweeping out the locals and taking up residence: 
 MAC is across the road and.... Jo Malone further down and now 3 cheers for Bobbi Brown!...
Hey! you won't hear me complain, there is room enough for everyone....it is only time before Francois Nars squeezes himself in....want to bet?

Duelling make up brushes at dawn....

Thursday, 24 January 2013


I simply haven't had much luck with books recently; I have just thrown down another dud in a fit of anger, this would be my 5th in a row.
My fear is: have I lost my "page turner mojo"? Or am I simply throwing good money after bad in my amazon book finding frenzy?

The downward spiral started with: "The Mistress's Revenge" by Tamar Cohen. My sister lent me her latest book : "The War of the Wives" which was terrific..the classic case of polygamy gone wrong when the "loving"husband dies and 2 families come to the funeral.
You can't fault me for being seduced by the author,in my eyes she could do no wrong until I tried to read "The Mistress's Revenge", hating the mistress the lover and sorry...even the author herself.
Dump in pile for Oxfam bookstore on Marylebone High Street.

Next:"In the Kingdom of Men" by Kim Barnes...I am always seduced by "foreigners" writing novels based in Saudi Arabia, either because they were married to a Saudi and lived there or they were brought up in a compound while their father worked there. I have no idea why Kim Barnes wrote this book based in Aramco...but what I do know is that it bored me senseless. I was hands down seduced by " a body that washes up...and a husband that may or may not have killed a woman..."what I didn't sign up for was; boring characters, an all over the place plot that simply didn't keep me interested enough to even get to the death/murder....
 Enough said...dumped in pile.

I was super excited  to find out that Anjali Joseph who wrote the fabulous "Saraswati Park" had a new book out. I cracked it open a few days ago.....and read it every evening at bed time solely because it would lull me into  a stupor thanks to the incredibly annoying, pain in the ass "Leela",the main character in this lacklustre book. Last night the soporific qualities of this book wore off!! WT....? No longer sleep inducing, this book held no other quality in my eyes other than joining the pile of "dump" books. 

NEXTTTTTT....The supposed "page turner": "The Good Father" by Noah Hawley....NOTTTTT!!

A leading neurosurgeon's son( from his first marriage) has just been arrested for murdering a popular presidential candidate. Try as he might he cannot believe that his son is capable of such a heinous crime...Guess what sunshine?: he is,he did...and this book ain't worth trying to find the whys or wherefores...
Really Not Bothered!!

Of course I am now scared stiff of the next book on my "Must read"pile...Fingers crossed.

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Livin' La Vida Local part 2

I have officially become the village Grinch... wearing my American Vintage sweater bought only last week in the sales that has bobbled beyond reason nor recognition...and the worst part of it all? ....I don't care! I am wearing it! I love the colour!!!

"Your sweater looks like a rag..."my sister told me while we were in airport lounge.
"I know....believe it or not...I bought this yesterday..."

Last year in the sales I bought a grey,softer than soft cardigan during the American Vintage sales...and after wearing it once,the thing looked like it had gone through the Boer wars. I took it back,handed them my receipt and told them how appalled I was at the quality for something that wasn't particularly cheap. The manageress did not kick off ...knowing full well by now that the quality wasn't always up to par....
Fast forward a year later and what have I become? A shell of my former fashion rebellious self...or have I simply gone grunge in shapeless clothes?
Thankfully I have not abandoned all reason....my Nike High Dunks still give me my daily "lift"!..if only to be able to reach higher up on the supermarket shelves....
...which was embarrassing a few months ago when an old aged pensioner,considerably taller than I, offered to help me reach up and get down a six pack of water.... 
"No no no Monsieur..let me help you!" I replied.
"Mais non,Madame!...You obviously can't reach!!"

The milk of human kindness at the supermarket ...."...a village life for me for me...a village life for meeeee...."

Did I mention that the toilets have backed up....? Due to the freak weather conditions???
Out come the Hunter wellies and the rubber stopper.....


Tuesday, 22 January 2013

New Eateries in Chelsea,London.

L'Eto has now opened it's doors in Belgravia at :10 West Halkin Street, a stone's throw from Waitrose.

What a pleasure it is to have another eaterie in that corner of Belgravia and I can tell you from what I saw on display ...the food looked divine.

L'Eto first opened in Soho back in February 2011 and not only serves up gorgeous pastries but does serve light lunch in the form of amazing looking salads.

I haven't tried it yet....but the pleasure was in the looking and salivating.... for now.

Colbert has opened on Sloane Square....taking the place of the once eponymous Oriel where it was trendy to meet and hang out back in my day. It soon became a tired watering hole that seemed to hang on for posterity's sake in the end. Obviously the grip loosened and it has now been replaced rather grandiously by this lovely brasserie.

We did attempt lunch there but the Asian lady at reception had a cold...thereby deciding that on that particular Saturday she would literally give us a frigid greeting followed by the cold shoulder.

Reserve! Walk ins may be greeted with attitude....

Monday, 21 January 2013

Livin’ La Vida Local....

Something about living the village life has me wanting to wear thick woolly socks and the fluffiest Uggs around...in fact it has me wanting to put zero effort in the wardrobe dept. and embrace a mild form of Mother earth-ness. Why bother? No one can see me, I can’t make an entrance....and quite frankly I feel so far removed from London,Paris and New York that it feels ridiculous wearing anything other than good solid basics. 
"Nooooo!" cried my sister." You write about fashion and trends ...come back to the light!"

The elements have been harsh,we have had ice and snow,followed by 2 days of unrelenting rain. My Mous have been my best friend as have been a pair of skinny khaki cords from a bigone age of H&M that kept me sane and grounded with their trendy appeal. My mom’s old Barbara Bui sheepskin coat, that is more bear than sheep,topped the lot and enveloped me in its comforting arms making me feel safe and warm during the harsh weather and this sudden descent into momentary madness.

So where does that leave me today? The rain has left, the day is poking its head around the trees that cover this house in this valley in Valbonne...Sweats....yes sweats and my fluo Nike trainers that has them all atizz in this neck of the woods... As we have been living the bumpkin life we have taken to eating like them too.
So to the gym I go and pronto ...to step back into my prior life that I seem to have left behind when we moved....may I find my waist,my way and leave behind my 50 shades of greige...

More on that and Livin' La Vida Local soon...

Monday, 14 January 2013

Boys Who Are Like Girls....

So your man is metro sexual...he likes to be well groomed,well perfumed and will maybe even sit by the TV and rub cuticle softener religiously around every finger...(this one is for you Jouj!)....
But did you ever suspect him of wardrobe envy? Does he covet your muff, your ruffs and even your leopard leggings??

This catwalk show by "Sibling" has made it possible for your man to be clad in almost the same way as you...

They say "Love is Blind"...

My eyes will never recover from this.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Sam Sparro - Happiness

Belated HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM FROCKANROLLA!....(sorry busy moving house....)

Sam Sparro says it best!:
"Happiness you belong to me....you're Mine..."

Wishing all my readers their true form of Happiness...now let's crack on.