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Friday, 29 November 2013

Louis Vuitton at Selfridges: Welcome to the Pleasure Dome....

Louis Vuitton has a new home...in fact it is referred to as The Townhouse....Oh Mr. Selfridges would be pleased!
The Townhouse is spread vertically over 3 floors with the piece de resistance being : the lift...which stands centre stage, all glass wrapped in a double helix steel structure travelling through the centre of the store at the speed of light...well maybe not. But!... it does spiral as it goes up giving the passengers within its glass walls, a 360 degree view of their luscious surroundings.

Gasping with anticipation?....here's more!

The ground floor is for accessories....filled to the brim with all the LV goodies money can buy..."sweet dreams are made of this"....
There is a made to measure service as well as the Mon Monogram embossing station.

The first floor is dedicated to menswear designed by Kim Jones and second floor showcases Marc Jacob's much coveted "last "Autumn/Winter 2013 womenswear collection.

For all LV fans out there....and for those who plan to shop for them: jingle bells,jingle bells...Vuitton on the way!!!

Wednesday, 20 November 2013


The holidays are coming.....the goose is getting fat...the tree is ready to be cut and the Xmas shopping should be in full swing.

This space is dedicated to Bags...... And to boldly go as far as you possibly can to get the one you want!
Santa Baby time.....

*When PRADA meets DIOR.....*




Thursday, 14 November 2013

Wednesday, 13 November 2013


J Crew opened its doors to its British fans...who in turn queued patiently for the privilege to pay over the odds....more on that later. 

The long wait was over: Friday 8th November the British public was able to shop in J Crew without having to go to the US.....and I was through that same door Saturday morning with my sister in tow...
 What is the verdict? Well the shop is situated on the corner of Regents street and New Burlington street and it is truly gorgeous. Once inside you actually feel that you are in New York... the sales staff are from the US and just as smiling and helpful as they are over the pond. Womens,mens and childrenware available as well as accessories and shoes....did I say how gorgeous the layout is?....

The collection is fabulous and DOUBLE the price.......in some cases some of the clothes and accessories are on sale for the same amount of pounds sterling to dollars: a cashmere cardigan priced in US:$188 (£118) is sold instore for £188...a price increase of 59%. Shoes that are under $300 in the US (equivalent to roughly less than £200) are priced at over £300. 
And I could go on...

I bought a couple of sweaters and a shirt,staying beneath the £100 price range for each...but when you think about it....I still paid far too much considering how much cheaper they are in the States.
But...I am unfortunatly not able to be in the States at present and it is far too tempting, as a lover of JCrew, not to waltz into the store cringe and grimace at the prices yet still find something I am comfortable buying. And there's the rub...will JCrew last with these inflated prices?....
Of course! Be that as it may,the lovers of the brand, as I, will always find an excuse for it and partake in some retail therapy if only to feel for that hour or so that you are kind of...almost...in New York.
Until of course you get the bill....then you have to find a reason not to care.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Saturdays Child Works Hard for her Living: Daria Werbowy

This is my choice for BRITISH VOGUE COVER of the year:
                    DARIA WERBOWY by PATRICK DEMARCHELIER: Sept.2013

The gorgeous Daria of Polish/Ukrainian/Canadian descent vanished from the fashion scene back in 2008.....due to exhaustion and a need to regroup.

She is back and in top form....