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Monday, 18 February 2013

SIT!!!!...Good Boyyyyy!

Obviously this has nothing to do with the current catwalk shows during London Fashion week :15-29th Feb. 2013....although sometimes this would be extremely helpful when people gather and clog up the seating system at some of these events. Somebody should get on the tannoy and yell a collective :

"SSSSSiiTTTTTTT!" followed by a reassuring :
"Good Girls and Boyyyy-zzz!!"

This is more about my beloved 7th month old Amstaff puppy: Titan and his weekly obedience classes with the formidable Dr. Michael Arnold. He runs educational classes for puppies and dogs in groups or individual sessions,helping to socialise and educate our canine friends to be more sociable and well rounded, happy dogs. Which in turn makes for happier,relaxed and more sociably available: "mommies and daddies".

We have been going on and off for months now,having attended 7 out of 10 classes (10 for 150€) but yesterdays group was by far the largest we have ever been in: 15 dogs and several more owners all of which came in various shapes and sizes. There was a highly charged,rather scary looking German Shepard called: "Gizmo"...which may well be the reason he lashes out when approached by a dog seeking to play:"sniff the genitals" or jump his bones and he has to remain on a leash at all times.  

"He has never bitten anyone" pronounced his mom to the group of petrified people giving them wide berth. " He just thinks he is the leader of the pack..."

Titan took a liking to their other dog some higgildy piggildy little mixed breed called "Winnie" who seemed to excite him no end,which he freely demonstrated by humping him with great abandon.  In turn "Winnie" would show his ardour by seeking out the generous proportions of "Abbie":the Bouvier Bernois and top model of the group and attempt to hump her, much to her owner's disgust. He tried to fling the amorous" Winnie" to one side...not realising of course that his "mommy" was right beside him:

"If you have a problem with dogs PLAYING together...you shouldn't come!!" she proclaimed haughtily...Abbie's dad deflated, went off to lick his over protective wounds. Titan was happy to supply plenty of "playing" time with "Winnie"...so much so that we had to eventually pry him off the little chap:

"What is it? What is the problem Reem?" asked our educator Michael who has eyes in the back of his head.

"No, no, nothing..." I replied..." we are just prying Titan off Winnie because he keeps humping him"... and it was becoming a  royal pain in our asses!!!

"And where is the problem??" he replied

Obviously their way of playing is seen as perfectly normal when in our eyes...certain behaviour remains dubious at best.