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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Something Old,Something New: for Xmas or simply just because...

               * Antique jewellers SJ Phillips and Eliane Fattal : a match made in heaven * 

I don't know whether you are familiar with the magnificent SJ Phillips shop on Bond street, but let me tell you that it is a treasure trove of Victorian and Edwardian delights.
Each piece tantalises and taunts you from the safety of the window display as your eyes sweep over the items on display. You simply have to tear yourself away with a sigh, knowing full well that you haven't even scratched the visual surface and to try an absorb anymore will result in a migraine for you and your other half ...
 I for one have always been in awe and somewhat intimidated by antique jewellery shops; I daren't inflict my ignorance on the staff by entering the premises with foolish questions while desperatly pawing the merchandise with a half crazed look upon my face.
As the saying goes : " Who Dares, Wins"and  that is precisely what portrait photographer Eliane Fattal did, quite succesfully might I add.


Eliane was on a mission to find a flower ring and instantly fell in love with a 19th century pansy brooch  on sale at SJ Phillips. She had the in house workshop team convert it into a ring of her own design. A firm believer in jewellery that must be worn at all times and not only on special occasions,(which for some are few and far between)Eliane continued to convert pieces that worked with her everyday uniform of jeans eliciting many a stolen glances from passersby.
It was apparent that she had the eye and sensitivity to be able to approach Victorian and Edwardian pieces of jewellery by giving them the respect they deserved while indulging in a flight of fancy. The Norton family,owners of the establishment, were delighted by the outcome and a collaboration was made with the launch of the aptly named "Metamorphosis" .

"Metamorphosis" is a collection of 20 heirloom pieces that have been converted into drop dead gorgeous pieces of self indulgence.


Each conversion is easily reversed to its original mount thanks to a little screwdriver found in the velvet lined boxes so that its original value can be restored. The chosen piece is presented in a leather bound book box with a brief history of its origins as well as a historical telling of how one can wear the item in many different ways.  
Bring a little Downton Abbey into your life.


                                            * Something old with something funky*

And you get my latest discovery: MYMO33. 
This is Myriam Adjinakou's baby and her passion : a collection of colourful and vibrant pieces of jewellery that focuses on vintage pieces collected at flea markets throughout Paris and on her travels. These are then mixed and assembled with all sorts of exciting and innovative materials to create unique "hybrid" pieces of jewellery.

Myriam is French born and LA based  who established her jewellery line back in 2001, after having had an internship within the hallowed walls of Chanel, rue Cambon as well as honing her techniques further at Louis Vuitton. She soon came to the realisation that this was no longer a hobby or a whim, but something she was willing to invest in ,in order to create and share her passion with like minded people: fun,fashionable trendsetters with a finger firmly placed on the "vibe" button.

She has just launched her new collection of  one of a kind cuffs and collared necklaces made from different pieces she discovered on her travels to Casablanca and Lome,Togo as well as in and around Paris.

Prices start from around $150 to $950 and will shortly be available at Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales and other high end boutiques throughout the US...and if you are not in the area...online at:

Bold and beautiful, these pieces are made with attention to detail and today's trends.Most importantly: they are made with love....Who can resist anything that comes from the heart.
I can't.

Do visit Myriam's website to see the gorgeous elephant , read her fun bio...and for the jewellery of course!

"Quand on aime...on ne compte pas" so put your calculator down and click on "pay".