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Thursday, 17 November 2011

"P" is for "Barty" and other nonsense

Russel Peter in Lebanon: I have never heard of this comedian but when I was sent this by my sister I was nodding and laughing..."He gets it !"

There is no "P" in the arabic alphabet and "the broof was in the budding" way back when I was a kid and I would hear one of my uncle's say: he was travelling to "Baris".
"Make sure you have a barachute"!

I had to call up a store yesterday and identify myself:
"Bonjour! I'm calling to see whether you have sold the brass bed I left with you?"
"Can I have your name..."
" Adeeb....A.D double E..." and he interrupts
"Slow down please. A.D.."
"E.E. B...for Bernard."
"Reem Adeeb..."
"Yes,that's me."
"You said your name was Bernard!"
Pfffffff....."Give me an A...."!