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Thursday, 17 November 2011

"P" is for "Barty" and other nonsense

Russel Peter in Lebanon: I have never heard of this comedian but when I was sent this by my sister I was nodding and laughing..."He gets it !"

There is no "P" in the arabic alphabet and "the broof was in the budding" way back when I was a kid and I would hear one of my uncle's say: he was travelling to "Baris".
"Make sure you have a barachute"!

I had to call up a store yesterday and identify myself:
"Bonjour! I'm calling to see whether you have sold the brass bed I left with you?"
"Can I have your name..."
" Adeeb....A.D double E..." and he interrupts
"Slow down please. A.D.."
"E.E. B...for Bernard."
"Reem Adeeb..."
"Yes,that's me."
"You said your name was Bernard!"
Pfffffff....."Give me an A...."!


Anonymous said...

Also the Arabic Alphabet does not have V.

I guess if he knew about it, he would done another show.

Thanks for sharing it with me. By the way, Peter is a Canadian and his shows are always fun as he makes jokes on all even on his Indian heritage.

Mahmoud elRamly

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