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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A Spanner in the Works....

Just after having taken my car for a service at my local garage and being told that all was "good under the hood..." my BF and I were more than a little surprised when black smoke started to pour out of the exhaust like a smoke screen from the Batmobile. It got so bad that passersby were covered in the stuff as we idled by traffic lights and we were too embarrassed to look anyone in the eye.  A couple of phone calls later and a lunch that was not so much appreciated but merely ingested and we were back at the garage with the little chap who had serviced the car the day before.
This is a peculiar little man with a raucous laugh due to one too many cigarettes and a sense of humour that I just don't get...luckily my BF does so I let him handle it. The problem was solved in no time whatsoever once he had driven the car full throttle, covering part of the landscape in black smoke and then popping his head under the hood....he had failed to tightened the "what not" on the radiator. I was relieved but not surprised. A year and half ago I was there with the same little chap who was once again looking under the hood, when all of a sudden I heard:
"What on earth?...." My heart sank as I could see a simple oil check turn into a complete overhaul and kissing goodbye any chance of buying myself a "little some'tin some'tin"nice...
"Is that my screw driver? I've been looking for that for ages!"
Should have gone to Spec Savers....


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