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Monday, 15 October 2012

Chatting with Miss.Daisy...

I was a little early for my appointment and was ushered into the tiny waiting room to sit on a bench beside Miss Daisy...who could have been a day over 80,but who's counting. She was decked out in a coat and scarf that only the elderly can wear during a heatwave:

"OooH! The wind has picked up" she says turning to me.. And then her glance falters and remains on my bare arms with a look of horror as though I was sitting with my boobs hanging out.
"You should cover up! The weather is capricious you know!"
"Yes,Madame you are absolutely right,I have felt the chill in the air."

She starts to fiddled with her bag,her scarf and then picks a sweet out from a bowl and says:
"Have one...she has these little sweets ..."
I take one and am unlucky with the wrapper which is tenaciously hanging onto the boiled sweet with dear life. Miss Daisy is looking at my battle as though I was wrestling a Barracuda:
"Just pop it into your mouth,my dear!"
"Well,I would like to remove the wrapper first!..."
"Never mind that! A bit of plastic won't do you any harm...if you knew what I have had to ingest..."
Wrapper finally off and stuck to my fingers....As I look for a Kleenex in my bag,Miss Daisy's glance goes to my Louis Vuitton handbag:
"That's a lovely handbag..."(a beat)
"Is it real?".....
Only in Cannes...
"Yes Madame..it is!" I smile.
"The prices they charge these days! I know! ..I used to work in the trade...The things I have seen...."
And she was off to her appointment...the things I should have asked but didn't!