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Sunday, 20 October 2013


The point of our outing was to check out fireplaces....nothing Frockanrolla about that....until we came face to face with this excellent motorcycle shop and even more exciting.... (well depends for whom...!!) tshirt display.

Yes!... the Harleys were customized and divine but my eyes alighted upon their t shirts that are, I was told, unique and one of a kind. The label is "www.same-same.fr" and made in France...they come in all sorts of colours and sizes, reasonably priced at 36€.
The Coach bought one: it has that colourful rough and tumble look with worn edges and muted colours...that make vintage tshirts so desirable and so James Dean-ish.

You don't have to be a die-hard biker to enjoy the fruits of this lovely store, there are lovely accessories to buy for the Frockanrolla fashionista including the never out of style:colourful skull scarves  and necklaces.

If you are a little over the skull-dudgery...as I am now after having immersed myself in the fad wholeheartedly...stick to the tshirts for your guy or for yourself who said they are only for men!
The welcome is genuine and warm and non leather clad folk are always welcome...
A big Thank You: to the lovely ladies who helped us yesterday....Merci a vous, Mesdames!

                                                         Allee Dieudonne Costes-06210 Mandelieu La Napoule
                                                         Tel:09 52 73 05 76
or on : www.easyridermotorcycles.fr ...where you can also purchase the merchandise.

The Fireplace hunt was less exciting and far more costly....