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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

My Poster Girl for Summer 2011

This is my poster girl for Summer 2011: my dear friend's daughter and my fresh faced sweetie: Mael.
Glasses by : Ray ban
Denim shorts by: True Religion
Chunky watch by:G Shock
Shirt : Zara
And my favourite sandals ....Giuseppe Zanotti.

Nail polish by :Dior "Silver"
White gold toe ring:...bought in Saint Lucia by her mom...

Janet and I both bought and wore our toe rings on our trip to the beautiful island and it now belongs to Mael. I wore mine for a while until winter came round and the unsightly bump from the toe ring made wearing shoes and boots impossible. 

Phone : Blackberry....
BBM-ing her beloved: " Jorge.... la gente esta muy loca...."