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Saturday, 28 April 2012

The Dare Devil wears Zara....

Why does one have to be daring to wear Zara,you might ask?Well you don't as far as the clothes are concerned but the shoes?.....An old adage comes to mind about : "cheap shoes and ruined your feet" but when I saw these sling backs my mind went into overdrive and my wallet danced the macarena:gorgeous and a steal at 79.95€ !!
I have never bought shoes this cheap.... but any worries for my newly pedicured and paraffined feet went out the window...I simply had to have them.

Let me tell you that at that price,they are thankfully in leather and made in.... China. But what isn't these days.

So... the verdict on comfort and the state of my feet...(drum roll please....):
My toes suffered slightly on my right foot,as a toe or two was feeling the pinch and/or the need to escape. But in fairness I had been wearing them all day... my feet fared pretty well all things considered.I have had a worst time in a pair of Loubous,let me tell you and blisters the size of kumquats after an afternoon in a pair of Converse hightops.

So : "Que sera, Zara! "...no regrets.