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Saturday, 29 June 2013



Denim Jacket: £1,170
Silk Crepe Dress: £ 2,310
Denim & Metal Bag:£1,820

Cotton Shirt:£ 55 COS
Denim Jeans:£275 ARMANI JEANS
Bracelets : Stella & Dot
                 Paul & Joe
Hat: Stylist's own

      ....AS SEEN IN  RED MAGAZINE.....

Obviously with the sales; prices may now vary, stocks may be low , sizes non existent and tears will undoubtedly be shed ...

Chin up ! The sales haven't started in Cannes yet: 3rd of July 2013.

Friday, 28 June 2013


Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Dad Hatter Had a Great Fall.....

(...he is alrighty Dad Hatter followers! But a scare nonetheless...)

Unlike Humpty Dumpty, all the kings ambulance men couldn't convince Dad to climb into the ambulance to have his vitals checked...Once upright and outwardly mobile, his one demand was to be left alone to go to Peter Jones to have his latte and scone....Peter Jones needs to award Dad with a medal of honouring them through thick or thin.

"Dad!" I cried teary eyed and worried sick." What happened? Are you alright?"
" Ya baba I appreciate your worry...I am fine!... I am getting used to this falling down business..." he replies chomping on a mouthful of watermelon.
" What did the doctor say when he came to check you?" I persevere fearing that I am rapidly getting nowhere.
" They sent a very nice chap.."
" Dad! He's your GP!"
" Aah...Oh yes yes...he checked me and gave me a prescription for antibiotics".
" Antibiotics for what?" I ask confused.
" For something or another" was his reply.

For more ...you know what to do!
Look left...find cartoon drawing and.....

Now That' SWATCH I'm Talking About...

Regarding my last post on Frockanrolla: " You say Ice-Watch,I say Rust Watch..."
Consider this:

...If".. imitation is the best form of flattery...."
what if, in this case: "imitation is the better quality"!!!

This in response to the comment left yesterday by " Anonymous".

Moving on, my partner bought me a gift yesterday, as I still haven't gotten over the bitter pill I had to swallow at Ice-Watch:

The latest SWATCH SCUBA.... the newest addition for the summer : a skeleton /transparent watch face with fluorescent green accents and a white silicon watch band....
Can you hear me say " Yeah!"

As for the bracelets:
Fragonard x3 for 12€

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

You say "Ice Watch"...I say "Rust Watch"....

I bought an "Ice-Watch" Pure watch about 3 months ago...a transparent one for summer and sports and so forth.
I kept the receipt...luckily. 

Last week I had my first dip of the season...the weather has been foul and I was literally only waist deep in the pool enjoying life,the sun and "my light as a feather, no need to worry about it..." Ice-Watch.
Fast forward following morning, when I reach for my watch only to see that it had started to rust!!!
Yes rust,I say!!
Completely flabbergasted, I take the receipt and the whole paraphernalia that comes with the watch: the impossible to open cube of a watch box,the 2 year warranty and the notice that specifically says that the watch can be worn up to 10meters under water.

Here is the conversation:

" Hello...I bought this watch end of March and after my first dip...my watch has rusted!!!" I hand the watch to the salesgirl shaking with suppressed rage.
"Oh yes...I can see that...Pity you didn't bring it in sooner..."
" This happened yesterday!! Obviously the watch was perfectly alright until my dip in the pool!!!"
Dumbo checks the receipt and the warranty and says:
" I will have to send it to be verified..."
"Are you kidding me? What is there to verify? You can see the rust from a mile away!! Why don't you just exchange the watch for me!"
"Oh no!! I can't do that" she replies loftily.
"How long will it take?" I ask .
" A month"...
"ONE MONTH FOR A PLASTIC , 79€ WATCH!!" I yell beside myself with anger." I bought this to wear over the summer,not come Christmas...get me your manager!"

The manageress barely a notch better than her salesgirl...proceeds to tell me that I had:
"....exaggerated the amount of time allowed for it in the water"....
"You must mistake me for Jacques Cousteau! I don't scuba dive, I splash about... The watch is allowed under 10 meters of water..." and there I pull out the leaflet in the stupid box I had to get the salesgirl to open!!!
"So what it says here is a lie....???" she didn't know which way to shake her head: a negative no...a positive yes.....
" You are lucky that Ice-Watch will take it in to look at it and analyse it...."
"I am honoured but seriously this isn't a Blancpain...so be a good girl and replace this one from the massive amount of stock you have here and I will be on my way..."
"I can't justify the missing watch from the stock"...

I was livid and made it perfectly clear that I would talk about this,write about this to all willing to listen and that I will never buy this junk again! 

I now have a coupon  with a claim number and an access code number so that " I can follow the progress of my watch via Internet...."


Stay clear of the Ice-Watch shop on the rue d'Antibes in Cannes...it is run by a couple of unprofessional bozos who would rather pass the buck and blame you for the faulty watch then try and save face,keep the customer happy and bloody exchange it.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

"The Eyes Have it"...Aaron Basha's Evil Eye bracelet & more....

My sister and I saw an advertisement for Aaron Basha's Evil Eye bracelets in the Harrods magazine and decided to check them out...we all need a little "gri gri" protection.

The fact that Aaron Basha was in the Fine Jewellery department should have been indication enough that we were not  going to be purchasing a bracelet each.

We find the display that is riddled with Evil Eye bracelets galore and skimming through them while eliminating the obvious " Bada bling's"... my eye settles on the one that is simple yet effective:

I ask the gentleman behind the counter if we can :
a) See it....and 
b) How much it costs.

"Of course Madam" he replies as he bends down and locates the red cord with the enamel eye surrounded by a fine band of 18k gold.
"Now...I can't seem to be sure of the price here...is it? Why yes it is..£600 Madam" and he places it on the velvet tray before me.
" What! That piece of string and barely enough gold for a filling?..." I gasp.
"Hard to believe I know Madam" replied the kindly gentleman.

Gaia Repossi's Ear Cuff:

"Wow!" I exclaimed when I saw the Repossi counter with the minimalistic ear cuffs and rings:
"How interesting, they must look great on" I ask the gentleman.
"Oh they are rather interesting Madam.... but awfully painful! Once it is on,the customer can't wait to get it off!"

Repossi ear cuff in pink gold without diamonds:€ 3800

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Frockin' Fluo

I got my Frock 'on today 'cos my tan is finally making itself known ....so I went for my fluorescent pink Gap chinos,my Vince white cotton shirt and then to really make things POP!
I threw on my Nike Free pink neon sneakers and...
I got my frock'in groove on.

Now let's frock..this summer!

Monday, 17 June 2013

Father's Gift to you from mine: The Dad Hatter

Two days ago:
"Dad, do you have a cold? you sound bunged up.."
"Ya Allahhhhh...NO! I don't have a cold! What is the matter with you an your sister??"

"Dad, how is your ankle? We heard from K. that it is swollen..."
"What!!! Who told you that???" cussing and mumbling.
"NO! I don't have a swollen ankle or a swollen aunt!"

For more and then some, do check out The Dad Hatter Chronicles....on the left hand side of the page.

Let's Twist Again...Like we did last Summer...

We all love messed up toes/squished feet...as Frockanrolla has posted previously...well, this now joins Kim K's  and Julianna Moore's.... as possibly THE WORST:

...are you sitting down? Well stand up you may need to run!!!

See what I mean?

So on the list of 1 to hideous...what is the worst?
The nail polish...the sandals that are one size too big...the flame print jeans or.... lest we forget...
The twisted toes???

One question though...how on earth does he wear shoes?


JOAN SMALLS: Puerto Rico's export and top model, this 24 year old is also "the Face of Estee Lauder".

Move over Naomi....there is a new girl in town and she doesn't pack any punches....

Sultry,clean cut gorgeous looks ...My Model of the Month:

             JOAN SMALLS

BEFUNKY-ed by me.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Smurfing the Internet... one Designer at a time....

Taken from last weeks GRAZIA......I quote:

This is down to artist AleXsandro Palombo and his overactive imaginings...he imagined what designers would look like as Smurfs....
Why not?...

Here is Coco Chanel....Karl Lagerfeld and Marc Jacobs....

Teletubbies next?

Wednesday, 12 June 2013


 C WONDER: is Tory Burch's ex husband's brainchild....lost you there? Christopher Burch has created a concept of well ....why not use his word: Wonder.
Full to the brim with colourful objects d'art du jour, whimsy and fun.
There are also great accessories,clothes and much much more.

Thanks to my aunt SK...we would never have looked twice...something about so many colourful things clustered together you don't really know what you are in for: a major find or a migraine.
We avoided the migraine and went to the cash register with our finds.



There are C WONDER stores all over Manhattan now...the one above is in the Time Warner building,on the first floor.
Affordable fun.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Having a New York Moment....

American Eagle on Broadway:
"Have you found what you are looking for?"asked well trained salesperson 10 seconds after I enter the room.
"Erm..No...But when I do...I'll let you know!" replied smarmy self.

My Miu Miu sunglasses were a BIG hit as was my Hermes Evelyne handbag:
"I loveeee your sunglasses..Miu Miu?!"...at Bloomies, Tods,Lucky Brand....
Smile and nod...nod and smile...

" I have been staring at your bag...." smile and nod and pull bag close to my side.
"Is that an 'Er-maize ?...I have one too but in black...I've never seen that colour!..." exclaimed salesgirl at Saks rather loudly.

" I Loveeee your 'Ermes! I have one too in camel...How come I haven't seen that colour?!"..stunned salesgirl at Club Monaco..
Weary smile,half hearted nod...
" Bloody Hell!" exclaimed my sister now so over this whole ordeal..." Does every salesgirl in Manhattan have your handbag...Just not in that colour!!!!"

At M&M's on Times Square...where we had no business being in  if it wasn't for my mini bout of dementia:
Buying some Peanut butter filled M&M's (and may I say that this was certainly not for me but for my beloved)...
At the "filling station":
"How much do you want ma'am?"
"Fill her up!" I replied wholeheartedly.
I get to the cash register and hand over my precious,stuffed to bursting bag of M&M's that weighs almost as much as a small child:
"That 'll be $44.00 ma'am"...
"HOW MUCH????...Empty some of it out!!"
My sister is rolling around laughing....
"How much shall I remove?"patient checkout girl...so very used to this by now.
"Most of it..."embarrassed moi.
"$18.00 ok?"
"Yesssss..." muffled reply.
We found large packets of Peanut butter M&M's sold at Duane Reade for $4.99.....

Wanting some pampering we went in search of a nail bar...you would think that you would walk passed one on every corner...not on Madison Ave....In Brooklyn: yes!
In Barney's basement floor:
"Is there a nail bar here?"
"No, but I will send you to the place I go to...ask for the manageress and tell her I sent you.."
Off we go to "ARIES Nail" on Lexington Ave and 57th.
We climb up the stairs...after having walked all over the bloody place looking for a nail bar and feeling the heat...
Lovely place,packed....I don't believe there was a single word uttered upon entry,everyone was in the zone or zoned out...except for me! I come in guns a-blazing and in full Dolby:
Quiet Chinese guy at reception...without batting an eyelid:
"NO...BARNEYS SENT US HERE"...I persevere in full volume while heads are turning and eyes are popping and my sister is trying to sshh me to no avail because I am talking so loud I can't possibly hear her!!
"SHHHHHH! For God's sake Reem! Everyone is staring at you!!" 
".....OH! Oh... we would like to have our nails done please...." I dial it down to a dull whisper.
And may I say...it was FABULOUS!
As we leave my sister adds:
"And why didn't you ask for the manageress?".....

 The "Lasagna suit"?? Liberace's wardrobe on display inside the Time Warner building.

And finally in Saks:
While in the changing room trying on a dress I overhear a French couple in the changing room next door:
"Cheri? What do you think?...." asks the wife (in French)trying on some floor length dress she needs for a do.
"Oui ...lovely"replies the husband enthusiastically.
"...I didn't think it would fit...blah blaah...Can you close it please?" asks the wife in between more chatter. 
"Mais oui..."more give and take with his wife who once again interjects in mid sentence:...
" Cheri? Can you close it please...?"
Sigh..."Pffff..Cherie!!!" replies her petulant husband finally doing her bidding.
"Not the door!!! " exclaims the wife..."The dress!!"
I crack up laughing as I walk out and pass their closed door...
"Allo?! C'est pas drole!" replied the wife..I hope as amused as I .

I proceed to the cash desk only to be rail roaded by a salesgirl who did not help me;
"Oh I am so happy that worked out for you?"
She taps it all out on the computer and turns the screen towards me:
"Do you want to pay in dollars?..Or whatever this is ..." as she points to another monetary symbol.
"In whatever that is"...I reply.
Unperturbed she motors on and taps on her computer screen some more:
"So you live in Tampa?"...
"Nooooo? I live in Cannes"... I reply completely thrown off guard by this continued sketch acting itself around me.

"Ooohhhh!..Can-nes! Lucky you!!!...Hey Gina! Maybe Eddie can buy you a trip there..."
Gina unimpressed by it all:
"Pffff...Yeah right!...Eddie can't even buy me a loaf of bread...."

And for the grand finale and not so happy ending at the Andaz:
We check out dragging heavy wheelie bags and handbags and carry on bags...you get the picture?

My sister checks the bill thoroughly and sees some figures that don't add up:
"Excuse me but what are these..." she points to the figures here and there.
"Oh, that's just overidge" replies the host.
Overidge? Is that even a word and if so what the hell does it mean??

" Can somebody get us a cab ?" my sister asks after we paid.
" Yes go see the girls at the door they will give you your options..."

One of the girls goes out to find us a cab...on that day it happened to be cold and bordering on the wet...the girl comes in after about 7 mns.
" Sorry!! I tried!" and promptly disappears.
My sister storms out with a : "I'll find one " trailing behind her.
" Let me give you your options" says girl number 2.
Again with the options?!
"We have an in house car service that is considerably more expensive than a cab...for $170...or.... you can go and look for a cab on Madison" Colgate smile and end of option telling.
My sister waltzes in triumphant:"Come on Reem!"
"Oh!...she found one"....

Seriously? She was trying to tell us that "cabs are hard to find on 5th Ave?..and that "they didn't always want to go to LaGuardia.."
"We are going to Newark..."

Very disappointing end to a lovely story.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

"Ma... Ma...Ma...Ma Nolan's" Irish Pub In Cannes

I have never been on a pub crawl while living in London and now that "Irish" pubs are a big deal here on the Riviera ...I ain't about to start now!

So when my friends suggested we meet for after work drinks I thought: " Chilled Rose, a cheese platter and assortment of charcuterie..." not mushy peas and a lager....
But I was willing to try the "Riviera  novelty" of pubbing at Ma Nolan's.

The outside terrace was packed by the time we got there after 7pm...naturally, so we went indoors and found a wee table for four. The TVs were blaring, Tsonga was thwacking.... and amidst the hustle and pub bustle we  settled down for ice cold beers and something to accompany that:
Spicy potato wedges with chili dipping sauce and a plate of nachos topped with the works!
The food is very good, I must say and we ordered 2 more...

Round one led to round two...we were having a laugh while around us the Friday night lads and ladettes were raucous and rowdy.

We asked for the bill : €73 and put down €90.....the change returned €7.00 (minus the bill) ..... €10 were obviously missing as my astute friend immediately noticed.
My partner went to reclaim the rest of our change:

"Excuse me..could you please show me the bill?"
The waitress brought a bill for €85....
"No...... this isn't it".
"Yes, " she said," this is it...€85..."
"No...we didn't have  burgers...keep looking!"...and she did,rummaging through the bin amongst the crumpled bill's...pulling out one after another.
Then she pulled out the winning ticket:ours....€73
"That's it" said my now fed up partner.
"Oh yes! But you paid €80" replied the cocky waitress still insisting that the €10 she was hoping to pocket would remain there....
"No...it was a €50 bill and two 20's....90!"

To confuse  two bills of €20 for a €10 is a little hard to swallow ...especially after such a lengthy debate and pulling out of stray,crumbled till tickets from the bin.
She fished out € 10...gave him a reluctant apology and we walked out.

I am disheartened to see this kind of behaviour here and even more so because I am British.
Yes.... obviously misunderstandings occur and mistakes can be made but this lengthy debacle of he said/she said and bin rummaging is out of order.
The bill needs to return with the change!...under no circumstances is it acceptable to throw it away and place the change on the table without it...

End of.

Ma Nolan's : 6 rue Buttura 06400 Cannes

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Something Yummy...Part 2 !

 Promised you more glimpses of food I ate and restaurants/bars I recommend in NYC....So without further ado...

I give you DBGB in the Bowery: you don't need a reservation at lunchtime (during the week...) The decor is understated chic: wood panel cosy with a hint of French cooking paraphanalia...Oh!and the burgers are sublime!

 Magnolia Bakery...3 words: RED VELVET CUPCAKES!!!



A reunion with a school friend on the lower west side at La Buvette:42 Grove Str. btwn Bedford & Bleecker st......absolute darling bar that serves small plates of gastronomic delights such as Steak tartare served on little tartines.
A must stop for after shopping drinks and nibbles :

No reservations,get there early to be able to sit at a table and ...ENJOY!
Many thanks to Tobin...memorable evening sippin'on rose.

And just when you thought that there couldn't possibly be another Daniel Boulud restaurant you hadn't been to in NYC...We came across DB Bistro Moderne opposite The Royalton hotel:



Food and service was faultless...except we wished there was more of it!!! I did ask if the salad was big.....
55 West 44th Street.


Needless to say we didn't eat him.....

More later!

Monday, 3 June 2013

Something Yummy Happened on My Way to NYC.....Part 1

A year wouldn't mean a thing without an escape to NYC which I was blessed to have and this time with my sister...we had us some much needed "prime sista time"..

We stayed at The Andaz on 5th and went for the full "view on 5th/breakfast included package" and it didn't disappoint....until the last day...but that comes later.

*Seating area for drinks....*

* No reception/concierge needed...*

*Elevator bank" Hershey's dream...*

Slick and stylish, this is a hotel for people who want simple but functional. The "Host" welcomes you , the room comforts you with its size and comfort without the plump and chintz but loads of space and room to relax.

The bathroom alone is space enough and room enough to dance a jig between brushing your teeth and stepping into the ginormous shower.....just don't expect to be able to see that stray hair you want to pluck from your brow...the lighting is too "romantic" and very reminiscent of A&F down the road...minus the heaving music and scantily clad young'uns.  

Massive window with sweeping vistas of 5th avenue skyscrapers up and around the New York Public Library and its bold lions guarding its entrance. You have automatic blackout blinds for daylight that may stream in and mess with your dream'in....

An "open air" closet that will display your wardrobe and the ironing board... in all its splendour but very little shelving space/come drawers....the side tables were it.

Free WIFI....free mini bar...don't expect an abundance of choice: as long as there is water that's fine by me and pure free-dom: no fuss no muss and you are up and out without any interference.

The in house restaurant is street level and has a mouthwatering breakfast menu..after all isn't that the most important meal of the day?
Daily skillet specials and amazing things done with your humble pancake:

*Lemon poppyseed pancake with orange syrup*

*Good Morning Manhattan*

*French toast with apple and raisin/cinnamon compote*
*Baked pancake with berries and greek yoghurt*

 So let's talk more food: 
"Lavo's" still heaving with people and a great go-to place for lunch as it is ideally located on 58th street between Park and Madison . Acoustics inside are a bit deafening, which we realised this year while trying to have a conversation with our aunt over lunch but still a firm favourite.
"Koi": fabulous for food, decor, people watching and conversation eavesdropping.


In all the years I have been going to NYC I have never been across the many bridges that lead to Brooklyn...we had to remedy that pronto and my cousin Sam did the honours :

*view from waterfront in Williamsburg*


* Lively "Down Under Manhanttan Bridge Overpass"....*

*Manhattan Bridge*

* Brooklyn Bridge and Lower Manhattan/ Freedom Tower*

* Brooklyn Bricks and Mortar*
* Noughts and crossing....*

* Glistening skyscrapers*

* The Island of Manhattan*
 Grimaldi's: THE pizza place to eat in , so good you have to queue for it,under the blazing sun....luckily for us, there weren't many people and we were in just before heatstroke set in:

*Goodfella's meets Rockerfella's


* So good I bought the Tshirt!*

* Pi-zza  Pi-zazz*

So what did we take a way from our first visit to Brooklyn?

Bedford Ave: Shops don't open before 11am....which makes sense now since there isn't a soul in the streets before. The quirky shops are just that...quirky and expensive. Sam took us into  a vintage clothes store that smelt like someone's wardrobe and all that was going through my mind was Macklemore's Thriftstore...." I'm gonna pop some tags...."
Full of great looking restaurants and bars but my preference was:

DUMBO:Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass....far livelier, more downtown/Soho vibe and my cup of tea. Great views of South street sea port and Manhattan's skyline. A great park and an outdoorsy feel that makes it a great place for Sunday brunching, flea marketing and yoga-ing...
Bada bing.

Stay tuned for Part 2......