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Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Dad Hatter Had a Great Fall.....

(...he is alrighty Dad Hatter followers! But a scare nonetheless...)

Unlike Humpty Dumpty, all the kings ambulance men couldn't convince Dad to climb into the ambulance to have his vitals checked...Once upright and outwardly mobile, his one demand was to be left alone to go to Peter Jones to have his latte and scone....Peter Jones needs to award Dad with a medal of honouring them through thick or thin.

"Dad!" I cried teary eyed and worried sick." What happened? Are you alright?"
" Ya baba I appreciate your worry...I am fine!... I am getting used to this falling down business..." he replies chomping on a mouthful of watermelon.
" What did the doctor say when he came to check you?" I persevere fearing that I am rapidly getting nowhere.
" They sent a very nice chap.."
" Dad! He's your GP!"
" Aah...Oh yes yes...he checked me and gave me a prescription for antibiotics".
" Antibiotics for what?" I ask confused.
" For something or another" was his reply.

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