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Monday, 23 May 2011

Forget about the PRICE TAG...

...I wish I could forget about the bloody price tag: coconut man and moon head...(who are they? Anybody know other than Jessie J?)
These MIU MIU shoes are da bomb! The little sequin ZADIG vest is superb too...tad pricey for what is but who cares when ..."I wanna see the world dance and forget about the price tag..."

Proof is in the Pudding!

In my post "From Cannes to Morocco via 1970's " I mentioned the similarities between David Beckham  (in the royal wedding photos) and Ricky Gervais... and I couln't find the correct images to prove that point. Thanks to "HEAT" magazine, not only are there photos to prove it but also a letter from a reader sharing my view:

Thank you Sophie and HEAT magazine.