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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Livin' La Vida Local part 2

I have officially become the village Grinch... wearing my American Vintage sweater bought only last week in the sales that has bobbled beyond reason nor recognition...and the worst part of it all? ....I don't care! I am wearing it! I love the colour!!!

"Your sweater looks like a rag..."my sister told me while we were in airport lounge.
"I know....believe it or not...I bought this yesterday..."

Last year in the sales I bought a grey,softer than soft cardigan during the American Vintage sales...and after wearing it once,the thing looked like it had gone through the Boer wars. I took it back,handed them my receipt and told them how appalled I was at the quality for something that wasn't particularly cheap. The manageress did not kick off ...knowing full well by now that the quality wasn't always up to par....
Fast forward a year later and what have I become? A shell of my former fashion rebellious self...or have I simply gone grunge in shapeless clothes?
Thankfully I have not abandoned all reason....my Nike High Dunks still give me my daily "lift"!..if only to be able to reach higher up on the supermarket shelves....
...which was embarrassing a few months ago when an old aged pensioner,considerably taller than I, offered to help me reach up and get down a six pack of water.... 
"No no no Monsieur..let me help you!" I replied.
"Mais non,Madame!...You obviously can't reach!!"

The milk of human kindness at the supermarket ...."...a village life for me for me...a village life for meeeee...."

Did I mention that the toilets have backed up....? Due to the freak weather conditions???
Out come the Hunter wellies and the rubber stopper.....