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Friday, 12 July 2013


My sister introduced me to these lovely modern day "crochet" Cruciani bracelets, that hail from Italy, last summer . She bought me a "four-leaf clover" one which I wore until the clovers looked shrivelled and sad, throughout the summer and into autumn...well until my tan faded.
This year I was gifted the " hand of Fatima"motif  in a gorgeous fluorescent orange...So what is Cruciani and where  can you get them...

Here is a little about these bracelets:

It started with a "four -leaf clover" bracelet which was thought up by  Luca Caprai who came up with this concept when trying to find a way  to bring Cruciani to a younger more discerning public.
The crochet bracelets are made of a macrame lace produced by Arnaldo Caprai of Gruppo Tessile...and proudly 100% Made in Italy.

Colourful and fun ..they communicate their own message and have become the symbol of summer. 
You can buy them online at:

or in Milan...Rome...Forte dei Marmi...Monza...Taormina.....(to mention a few)
Then in Madrid...Palm Beach...Tokyo ...and Dubai!!

Don't tell me you couldn't find one!