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Thursday, 27 December 2012

The Year After by Martin Davies

If like me and a million others you are a Downton Abbey fan then this is a book for you.

Tom returns from the war and France and is summoned back to Hannesford Court by the mesmerising Margot Stansbury. Now 5 years later,secrets are brought back up to the surface: a clash of class, an etude in etiquette gone awry.
This is a compelling read, a book that captivates your heart and imagination...your hands are simply drawn to pick it up all hours of the day.

This book is a far better choice of time spent then watching the decidedly boring Downton Abbey Xmas special, even the enigmatic Maggie Smith can't rescue it from the doldrums.
What a darned shame ...so unexpected and such a snooze fest until the end when.....

....don't worry I won't spoil it for you...but you'll find that at the end of "boring" comes an "OMG" moment that is almost an insult to our attention span.

"Oh, dear Carson...bring in the smelling salts and my book please:

"The Year After" by Martin Davies."