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Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Listen Up..... Frockanrollers:

A new Denim Emporium has opened in Selfridges and it is being referred to as:

"The World's Biggest Denim Studio Today".

It spans over 26,000 sq.feet with 11,000 pairs of jeans that are priced from £11.00 (Primark jeans) to £ 11,000 ...(I don't want to know....Heck! I hope that includes the delusional designer who will personally pour you into these insane jeans , shorten them and wash them...for a year...) 

Experts are on hand to insure you maximum service in finding THE RIGHT PAIR OF JEANS  or two...with a stock of 11,000 pairs  you are looking at a long day of painfully trying on jeans ....

There is also a DENIM TAILOR: who is in house and on hand to "bespoke" your purchase within 2 hours....I wouldn't read too much in that time frame,it seems highly unlikely and quite ambitious...but hey! I hope to be proven wrong unless they have an army of 11 tailors and their minions on hand.