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Friday, 30 January 2015

The Jewel of Style: La Petite Malle

Ain't it a beauty!

With Nicolas Guesquiere at the helm at Louis Vuitton; we are being quite literally spoilt for choice in the handbag department. And just when you think there are no more variations on the monogram theme...in comes:

                                                                    La Petite Malle...

....and it blows everything out of the competition pool.

It is inspired from Maison LV's trunks and it had me at " the 3 xxx"s....size truly doesn't matter when it comes to this mini "trunk" .

Now bask in it's diminutive glory.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

LOUIS VUITTON: ...kiss your wallet goodbye & fly!

Want to hear some terrific news?

Louis Vuitton has opened it's 1st airport store in Europe within London Heathrow terminal 5's roof!!!
Do you know how exciting that is???

...Huh? Do ya?
We fly out of there almost monthly and we are HUGE FANS of LV...next to Chanel and Hermes,naturally.

So we stormed in there like Stormin' Norman during the invasion of Kuwait with the firm intention of hopefully baggin' a bargain!!!

No can do, sisters!!!

There is no price reduction if you are travelling within Europe!!! I was ready to hop on a flight to Bangalore ...but common sense prevailed.

The store is fabulous and glamorous and bling blinging in every corner....but the brakes went down on any shopping from there...

Oh Poop!

More on the Terminal 5 front ,which is undergoing a major face lift....Bottega Venetta has opened its doors there as well as Smythsons and Fortnum and Masons...with their first ever airport store.

And to top that...and this is a shout out to my friend Janet in Houston:

"Jahhhhh-net!! Can you hear meeeeee???!"

...she was inconsolable when her beloved Prunier closed down...well Fortnum's has opened their own bar food area...and it is bigger and better!

As Fredrik Ecklund would say when closing yet another gazillion dollar deal: WEEEEEEEEE !!

                                                      (Sorry about fuzzy picture...)

Wednesday, 21 January 2015


What we have here is a predilection of Kim K's: denim on denim but without the ample boobage.

Just like the years that fly by in a blink of an eye, so does fashion come around in circles and before you know it you are faced with a dilemma:

Do I repeat this fashion performance?... I am of course talking about the "sailor pants" be they in denim,linen or cotton I have been twice around the block in these already.

But I guess if you like a style twice already....why not a third?

Fabulous denim "sailor" jeans by GUCCI: £535
Denim shirt also by GUCCI : £490.....
(Side bar: splurge for the pants, I would but the denim shirt? We all have one in our closets be it Levis, Gap or ....whatever and save that £490 for something else...Agreed?)

Barely seen but by no means negligible:
Rope and leather sandals by PIERRE HARDY : £482....
...aren't you happy you didn't buy the denim shirt from GUCCI....

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Now That...I like!

I mean what's not to like?

Maxi strapless dress: £380 BOSS
....super dress,excellent price....

Bandana/scarf: MARC by MARC JACOBS
...Pop Art meets Biker chick...amazing! And at £40 a steal!!!

Who has the starring role in this image?

The gorgeous white eyelet dress by ZIMMERMANN....£1,144
If you are interested in the sweater: & DAUGHTER :£250
Ankle boots: GUCCI £655

Looks like we are heading for a fun and fancy free summer...not there yet tho' 

Thursday, 15 January 2015

BLING with ZING!....

...it don't mean a ZING, if it ain't got that BLING!!!

OK OK....This is what all the fuss is about:

Here's the science:
Gold, Silver, Ruby and Diamond Skeleton Hand

By: Delfina Delettrez

Here comes the STINGER: £23,200....gotta love that 200 tacked on the end!

Now don't go rushing off like headless chickens,fighting over this...I tore out this page from a Vogue a few years ago and stumbled across it again...and was still transfixed by it. But Delfina is still whipping up a storm with her Rock/Glam gorgeous jewellery.

...and slightly more affordable too.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

A Trip to Marigot Bay...this one's for you Janet.

Many moons ago and we are talking; 2006/2007...my dear friend Janet and I decided on a getaway to Saint Lucia. The destination was decided upon the fact that my travel agent at "Carrier" mentioned to me that a new resort had opened called: Discovery at Marigot Bay.

And off we went.

The only reason I am going down this trip to memory lane and I shall not bore you with the details is that I came across it in the travel section of UK Elle magazine and it has been renamed and probably bought out....

                                                 "Capella Marigot Bay"

...and upon seeing the images I was back there with Janet in the pool drinking, Lord knows what mixed with rum and having a great adventure.

It has always remained my "happy place"..you know the "go to place" when you are meditating in yoga and seeing this made me realise how much I would like to return.
Good thing is,it is being completely renovated, as you will see on their website...for we all know that returning to a place we once went to and hold such memories from can never be repeated and often times when we mistakenly do throw caution to the wind and not heed this simple warning...we are always disappointed:

Exhibit A: My sister and I returned to the Bahamas twice in a row...what a HUGE mistake.
Exhibit B: My BF "The Coach" and I returned to Montreal in November after having loved it in Sept the year before...operative word: "September"....

So back to Marigot Bay...it is going to look AMAZING!!!...

The boutique resort is a group of hillside lodges overlooking a lovely marina...each room has a sea facing balcony.
It will still have their Spa...which they claim it be "a whole village spa" now....
Adults only swimming pool....sublime with swim up to bar....Rum-ilicious!
A 2 minute free boat ride to the beach...which is literally across from the pontoon you see above and accessed by a " Boutique Kleenex" box like boat. There was also a restaurant across the way too and little boutiques too.
Fine dining is available as well as a casual waterside cafe.

So look...Christmas is over and the sales are on at British Airways and Virgin Airlines...what are you waiting for to book your next adventure?
"An influx of spending money"...says my bank account....so unglamourous.

Visit : www.capellamarigotbay.com for more info don't just take my word for it.

So Janet: remember The Green Parrot? And our bus breaking down on the way to Soufrieres and all those chickens running in the road...and buying ankle chains and matching toe rings .....Hilarious!! Happy times....

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

New Year Vestimentary Resolutions 2015

So...How was it for you?...
This is by no means an opening sentence from an episode of "Girls"...(incidentally a program I simply can't get into...must have something to do with being a Carrie wannabe from the "Sex and the City" days...ah,yes..those were the days, my friends.)

So back to my asking; how your New Year celebrations were and more to the point: your resolutions.

So are we going to: lose weight? Go to the gym more? Get back to Pilates...stop yearning for abs we never had ???

Let us start with resolutions we can keep...they won't impact how we feel about our bodies,bingo wings or muffin tops...Damn...now I'm hungry for chicken or a Starbucks muffin... but more about how we should dress them.

I came across this in Vogue and thought that I would share some pointers with you:

Apparently there are more and more online "go to" sites than can help you connect with users who have similar body types and who will help you to source brands that will fit your shared body shapes:
"Fitbay.com "

Then you can get "Virtusize.com" to work out what size you need in which store..and "Metail.com" will give you a visual avatar wearing the chosen pieces in an e-changing room...
Have I lost you? Frankly...I switched off while typing it.

We already know we are not one standard size in each store let alone for different designers from different hemispheres....we can be a medium in one store and an XL in another.
This would have affected me greatly 10 years ago and set me back psychologically to a drooling mess on a changing room floor. Now I embrace the humorous side of it and pump my fist in the air while yelling:
"Bring it on!"

Moving on:

"If you're short,ensure that your waistband sits slightly higher than usual-it works as a visual trick to lengthen legs"....or make you look like Simon Cowell. Seriously? I am short,or "vertically challenged" which is more the lingo du jour...and the last thing I need is to have my waistband sidling up to my boobs...which are and always have been of "dowager" proportions! All you get from that image is a hobbit whose crotch has now been pushed up to her boobs.

"A long pendant necklace elongates the torso-great for apple shapes and pregnant women"....I agree on principle. But them pesky boobs start to play flip the chain from side to side so that the necklace is no longer in pole position but vying for attention.
...yes I have boob issues...

"Designers offer clues to the clothes they create: Roksanda Ilincic designs for the tall and willowy (....NB: no Roksanda)....Miuccia Prada's pieces reflect her own shape and tastes..( note to self: what is her shape again? and does that work for me?)....While Phoebe Philo's gamine body type gives an insight into Celine"....( that's why the bloody shirt wouldn't button up...)..Who is your body match?"....
Indeed....Maybe go with "faceless" designers for piece of mind: Zadig & Voltaire....per se?

"Avoid biker boots and chunky heels if your legs are thin,they will make them appear even skinnier"...chance would be a fine thing. But at least I can indulge in my love affair with Free Lance biker boots and them chunky heels that work as man repellents .
On a roll, ladies and gents!

And one before I leave you:

" Try a range of sizes- flattering your ego and getting the smallest size you can fit into is a fatal mistake..." no truer words have been written yet we are all guilty of having done that...please don't do it any more! Especially with bras!...(thought I'd give you a booby send off.)
There is "getting jiggy with it" and then there is "getting jiggly with it": creating 4 boobs instead of two is unnerving,unsettling and unappealing.