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Friday, 16 December 2011

Someone Like You ....Adele

While shopping in our local Waitrose when last in London, I came face to face with...the gorgeous ADELE!

I was walking up an aisle,arms full of stuff and looking for my sister, who had absconded with the trolley,when I stopped to let someone pass: "Thank you very much" I heard someone politely say.
"You're welcome" I replied and then looked up into... Adele's gorgeous face. Yes,up! Believe me when I tell you that Adele is tall  and more amazonian than small ninja turtle, as we are given to believe.
 When she saw that the realisation of who she was had hit me... she quietly looked down and continued on her way. I was hardly going to tackle her to the floor and would need a step ladder to do so... and frankly,I'm just not the kind of person who goes berserk when faced with a celebrity. I silently acknowledged her and went about my business... as did everyone else . Maybe no one else recognised her under the big fuzzy hat she was wearing with her locks looking distinctly blonder...
Had she just come out of Daniel Galvin Jnr's salon across the road...hmmmm.

I for one, was in quiet contemplation of Adele at the checkout counter and adoring her from afar.

*Vogue Oct.2011*