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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Pin-Interest on Frockanrolla

The look is more "Footloose" and "Fancy free"...and as free as you fancy. Just throw it all together "clash" may care....and see what happens!
If people stop and stare...you got it right! If they stop,stare, point at you while snickering...not good. Go home,climb under you duvet and wait for the "humiliation" storm to pass.
There are no rules in fashion...throw that book out of the window and create your own "look book"... no one can judge you since everyone is busy trying to get their look right.

Grunge is back....retro grunge with a hint of ballroom dancing. Biker boots,"bovver" boots, boots with buckles and straps...paired with dainty and taffeta is the look for this season. Pull on that knitted hat over long unruly locks...and you will look the business!

                                  *images taken from Red Magazine and "juj-ed" up*