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Saturday, 11 August 2012

...Overflowing Trousers hems...

Don't get me started on them!
There is nothing worst than seeing a well dressed woman wearing a pair of trousers that are too long and overflowing onto the pavement...
Look at example numero uno (once again taken from UK Elle...):

....So the print passes the Elle test..but they don't see the pooled hem around her invisible feet? Ridiculous....and yet I have seen it time and again.
No one knows a good seamstress? Would be a shame to spend £345 on these trousers to use as swiffers on the streets of NYC...

What the Hell is up with CHANEL?

Chanel is:"... my first,my last,my everything".
I can be clothed,shod, bejewelled and bedazzled by this one fashion powerhouse. I can be spritzed with "Jersey", "Beige" or "No.22" and be happy from dusk till dawn. It is vintage at its best,an auction house's dream and a shoppers eternal delight. 

So why are my eyes assaulted with this freak show in UK Elle? Nothing,simply nothing whispers Chanel...what I hear is SHOUTING!...as that is what these clothes are doing and not to grab the right kind of attention.
See for yourselves:

What in God's green earth...is that sweater? It says Chanel on the page but looks like the Iceberg sweaters of yore I bought back in the 80s...a Kansai Yamamoto flashback !!Anything but Chanel!
I am horrified!...and there's more....

Apart from the multicoloured bags...that come out looking like a dime a dozen here!!! I am befuddled by the lack of class...Alice Dellal who is edgy at best ,a little scary at worst...comes off looking like Worzel Gummidge in drag...
(I am shaking my head....in horror...)

...and for the Piece de Resistance?
A velour romper suit that is a cross between the Michelin man's pyjamas and a straight jacket. Don't get me started on the things on her feet....that simply cannot be referred to as : shoes...for that would be an insult.
What is left?
Hopefully a beautifully tailored coat underneath the Hell's Angel sleeveless jacket that Big Bird has thrown up over....

Hopefully in- store...will be less of an eye- sore....