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Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Unstoppable : " Miss Ashida"

I have always had a soft spot for Japanese designers: I was a complete Kansai Yamamoto follower back in the 80’s and then upgraded to the minimalistic genius of Yohji Yamamoto, followed by the beautifully structured Issey Miyake, adding a few whimsical pieces from Comme des Garcons. It was during my Kansai love affair in 1980, that I met the lovely Tae Ashida in Switzerland during our two scholastic years together. 30 years later and my love affair has extended its arms to the gorgeous designs by my dear friend: “Miss Ashida”.

Tae is the daughter of the much lauded Japanese designer Jun Ashida, upon leaving high school in Switzerland she was awarded the Nicole Miller scholarship for having designed “the most beautiful dress” and went on to assist her in New York in 1987. She also twiced interned at Christian Lacroix Haute Couture in 84 and 87, after Tae graduated from RISD with a BFA. (There was a connection with Mr. Lacroix since he had been an "assistant" for her father for 10 years before he set up his Maison de Haute Couture in Paris,1987.... Tae was backstage at the opening show.)
She then entered her father’s company :Jun Ashida Co, as a designer. Having proven her mettle, Tae launched Miss Ashida in 1991, marking her debut as an independent designer.And the rest is fashion history ...You just have to look at her collection to see what an accomplished artist and designer she is in her own right, with many collaborations and accolades under her belt.

After the horrors of the earthquake last March, many decisions had to be made as to whether Tae could go ahead or cancel the showing of her Autumn/Winter 2011/12 collection during Tokyo fashion week.The decision was taken out of her hands when most of the models that had flown in from Paris and Milan left Tokyo immediately upon hearing about the nuclear incidents in  Fukushima. Instead of giving up and giving in,Tae came up with the idea to film their show in a studio with a handful of willing models and a strong support system around her. Amidst aftershocks and blackouts they stood strong in the face of adversity, everyone making it their mission to see this project through.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you a taste of : “MISS ASHIDA” AUTUMN/WINTER 2011/12...a collection that fought to be seen.

For more please visit :http://www.jun-ashida.co.jp
Then ,when you have made your choice, hop on down to the boutiques in Japan or closer yet,  Paris at: Jun Ashida, 34 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore, 75008 PARIS.
 Many thanks to Tae, her PR Ms Kumai and the two years we shared in Switzerland.