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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Frockanrolla's Boutique Pick of the Month: MUSAE COLLECTION

MUSAE COLLECTION is a Concept Store newly opened in Cannes. It is about vision,class and objects that are chosen from the heart: "...les coups de coeur"as the lovely soft spoken owner Marie Sophie Delaire explains to me.

This store appeals on all sorts of levels; mainly aesthetic, but also playful,innovative and fun. Marie Sophie has a refined eye, she is French after all and extremely creative in her own right as she is also developing designs of her own. There will be a few tables for coffee to be served... everything done in moderation and to enhance the Musae experience. This is not any kind of shop;this is a boutique in every sense of the word:charming , enchanting and an absolute must for all shoppers in the Cannes area....there really is  no excuse.
Now feast your eyes on these:

*Delightful luminaries: The 4 Seasons*

*Woven neoprene baskets*

These are the Pieces de Resistance in my eyes and an absolute "coup"...the MUST HAVES by far:Get ready to be awed and "ahhhhh-ed"
*I have this one and am in LOVE WITH IT*

* Not only a man's best friend....Truly revolutionary!...240€*

Wall poetry, cloud ceiling lamps :"..Dream a little dream for me..."


11, rue NOTRE DAME 06400 CANNES
tel: +33 (0)4 93 68 27 23

Many thanks to the perfect host,the delightful Marie Sophie.