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Friday, 1 February 2013

Spotted :Lily Van der Woodsen in Valbonne.

This is on the down lo...gorgeous actress Kelly Rutherford was spotted (by me!) coming out of the Cafe des Arcades in Valbonne this evening with her gorgeous kids in tow.

I was sitting outside nursing a beer,popping extremely salty and spicy olives into my mouth while waiting for our pizzas when out comes a gorgeous,tall blond haired woman,child in her arms,more trailing behind. She walks passed Titan, my Amstaff who immediately tugs his ways towards her :

She smiles at him while quietly saying : "Hello...Hello"then looks at me as I smile at her (for taking the time to acknowledge my dog )...when it suddenly hits me: it's Lily Van der Woodsen! 
From "Gossip Girl" to "Village Vixen"...low key,bare faced, hair pulled back and so utterly lovely ...I couldn't believe my eyes.

How far from Manhattan we are , no Chuck,no Serena..no paparazzi.
Small world,small town and yet celebrities walk amongst us. Made my evening!

Have a great weekend!