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Monday, 3 June 2013

Something Yummy Happened on My Way to NYC.....Part 1

A year wouldn't mean a thing without an escape to NYC which I was blessed to have and this time with my sister...we had us some much needed "prime sista time"..

We stayed at The Andaz on 5th and went for the full "view on 5th/breakfast included package" and it didn't disappoint....until the last day...but that comes later.

*Seating area for drinks....*

* No reception/concierge needed...*

*Elevator bank" Hershey's dream...*

Slick and stylish, this is a hotel for people who want simple but functional. The "Host" welcomes you , the room comforts you with its size and comfort without the plump and chintz but loads of space and room to relax.

The bathroom alone is space enough and room enough to dance a jig between brushing your teeth and stepping into the ginormous shower.....just don't expect to be able to see that stray hair you want to pluck from your brow...the lighting is too "romantic" and very reminiscent of A&F down the road...minus the heaving music and scantily clad young'uns.  

Massive window with sweeping vistas of 5th avenue skyscrapers up and around the New York Public Library and its bold lions guarding its entrance. You have automatic blackout blinds for daylight that may stream in and mess with your dream'in....

An "open air" closet that will display your wardrobe and the ironing board... in all its splendour but very little shelving space/come drawers....the side tables were it.

Free WIFI....free mini bar...don't expect an abundance of choice: as long as there is water that's fine by me and pure free-dom: no fuss no muss and you are up and out without any interference.

The in house restaurant is street level and has a mouthwatering breakfast menu..after all isn't that the most important meal of the day?
Daily skillet specials and amazing things done with your humble pancake:

*Lemon poppyseed pancake with orange syrup*

*Good Morning Manhattan*

*French toast with apple and raisin/cinnamon compote*
*Baked pancake with berries and greek yoghurt*

 So let's talk more food: 
"Lavo's" still heaving with people and a great go-to place for lunch as it is ideally located on 58th street between Park and Madison . Acoustics inside are a bit deafening, which we realised this year while trying to have a conversation with our aunt over lunch but still a firm favourite.
"Koi": fabulous for food, decor, people watching and conversation eavesdropping.


In all the years I have been going to NYC I have never been across the many bridges that lead to Brooklyn...we had to remedy that pronto and my cousin Sam did the honours :

*view from waterfront in Williamsburg*


* Lively "Down Under Manhanttan Bridge Overpass"....*

*Manhattan Bridge*

* Brooklyn Bridge and Lower Manhattan/ Freedom Tower*

* Brooklyn Bricks and Mortar*
* Noughts and crossing....*

* Glistening skyscrapers*

* The Island of Manhattan*
 Grimaldi's: THE pizza place to eat in , so good you have to queue for it,under the blazing sun....luckily for us, there weren't many people and we were in just before heatstroke set in:

*Goodfella's meets Rockerfella's


* So good I bought the Tshirt!*

* Pi-zza  Pi-zazz*

So what did we take a way from our first visit to Brooklyn?

Bedford Ave: Shops don't open before 11am....which makes sense now since there isn't a soul in the streets before. The quirky shops are just that...quirky and expensive. Sam took us into  a vintage clothes store that smelt like someone's wardrobe and all that was going through my mind was Macklemore's Thriftstore...." I'm gonna pop some tags...."
Full of great looking restaurants and bars but my preference was:

DUMBO:Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass....far livelier, more downtown/Soho vibe and my cup of tea. Great views of South street sea port and Manhattan's skyline. A great park and an outdoorsy feel that makes it a great place for Sunday brunching, flea marketing and yoga-ing...
Bada bing.

Stay tuned for Part 2......