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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

HIDE & SEEK.....

Have you herd.....The Urban Cowgirl is back in Vogue..if only in little touches here and there...total look is overkill and roadkill,my friends!

I am loving the cheetah print Mary Janes with a twist : front and centre by Bionda Castana..in fact Bionda Castana is the new Manolo (in my eyes...)vibrant and fun and the right side of expensive.

Then again is there a side in expensive to take?

C'est Qui?....CELINE!

Sho' Nuff must be love.....

Not that I am a Yellow kinda gal....but it is a mood lifter, something that will take your greys and your leopard prints to a sunnier clim.

Pump those biceps,cos it does look like a heft to schlep....not that anyone will be complaining when this makes its way under the tree....Gym membership included natch.

Nuff said.