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Monday, 22 April 2013

London's Pride & Joy: HARRODS

.....Where else??
It has always been known as the "Store with More"...well by me anyway. There was a time you could order almost anything your heart desired and Harrods would get it for you...now they can fill a tall order but with a modicum of sanity.

Harrods has been and always will be my second home...I can roam the halls from food to sports and never lose my way.. And!.....I can still be amazed by its stalwart magnificence no matter who owns it now.
...although I must say that there has been a marked improvement with the latest owners .... 

Harrods has regained it's modjo by being rid of the ...Hmmmm,,,how should I put it?
Bad taste and over the top self glorification of its previous owner.

There is a So Dior exhibit and .....Yes! I'll admit it: I didn't get a chance to go...so you must!!

But I did manage to go to the Shoe department( check out my previous post: FUR-BIDDEN)
.....like I would miss that.

Here's the latest on that:
Christian Louboutin has moved to be replaced by my beloved Manolo Blahnik : a sumptuous boudoir of his latest and greatest with top notch sales men on hand, ask for Andrea he has the gift of the gab but knows his Manolos from his Loubous styles,heel heights and all....
(Louboutin fans fear not Harrods is creating a new space for the highly popular creator).

You can now also find Zanotti  ...but I have to highlight Gucci :....the loafer has been given a make over and is as delicious as ever:

A good start to the week :No?