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Friday, 9 August 2013

Isn't She Lovely....Charlotte Casiraghi

Featured in the July issue of VOGUE...The ever lovely:

                                                    CHARLOTTE CASIRAGHI

Our paths have actually crossed twice.... 
Once when I was in Paris working for Pashion magazine ....
...and once in London where I proceeded to stalk her.... But more on that later...

PARIS: It was during Paris fashion week and at a do for Christian Louboutin somewhere in an art gallery in the Marais.
We were entering as she was about to exit...she wore a pout and an icy demeanour. Her gracious smile was for Mr. Louboutin and Mr. Louboutin only....and then she exited stage left into the Parisian night.

LONDON: Picture this....a cold winter day in Ol' Blighty and I was seeking some retail therapy in French Connection...(I must have been really desperate...) when lo and behold who do I spy wearing blah clothes and scurrying around the displays....Ms. Casiraghi.
(This was during the period of time when she interned at The Independent and was then dating Alex Dellal....she has since moved on to Gad the Cad...)

I had to tear myself away to meet my friend S. who only happens to live in Monaco....

"Guess who I just saw in French Connection?"
"Who Dahhling...?" asked S. in her breathy drawl.
" Charlotte Casiraghi!!"
"Take me there immediately!"

And there she still was, looking around.... unbeknowst to her that 2 over aged groupies where stalking her from the staircase above like the two cronies from the Muppet Show in their balcony seats.

Where we embarrassed?
Not in the slightest!!

             *images courtesy of Vogue magazine and the rest is down to my artistic flair...*