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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Stooshe : Love Me feat. Travie McCoy (Official Video)

Stooshe - Love Me feat. Travie McCoy

Meet London's latest offering to the world of girl bands, their new single, 'Love Me' features Travie McCoy.

A Saturday treat to kick start your weekend: Enjoy!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Bland Beckham?: Victoria Beckham launches diffusion line.

Victoria Beckham has just launched her cat inspired diffusion line: "Victoria, Victoria Beckham" at Harvey Nichols...it apparently sold out on the first day. She should in theory look like the cat who got the cream,yet we can never tell from her furtive sidelong glances.

Love her or loathe her, what she does look like is someone who has found her niche in fashion and who has gone on to prove that you don't need to graduate from Central Saint Martin's to be seen as"Britain's fashion icon"...all about that in  Janet Street Porter's  article for the Daily Mail:

Her main line "Victoria Beckham "retails for a small fortune which quite frankly not many of us have the luxury of spending ... So I guess it could be seen as an astute business move to create a diffusion line, loosely inspired by the cartoon character "Emily the Strange"to bring her "affordable" collection to the table. 
Ermm...that is if your idea of affordable is buying a drop waist shift dress for £395.
I would rather spend that kind of money more wisely and on a "real designer" piece . To be  perfectly honest and from what I've seen of the collection :the diffusion line leaves me cold. There..I've said it.
The  dresses seem to be designed with Alexa Chung in mind which is fine BUT!... if that white dress that Victoria is so amorously sidling up to is anything to go by I say : Run for the hills! Don't sell yourselves short by accepting the dictates of someone who clearly designs for thin women with more money than sense.... AND at these prices, the result is an insult to the word: affordable.

To give the devil his due...I loved her hourglass figure body skimming dresses with the large zipper in the back and even more so when I saw it worn by real women with relentless curves like J-Lo and Britain's Carol Vorderman (below and from behind): 

So Brand Beckham or Bland Beckham ?Or simply Bored of the Beckhams ?
Choose your side...

I shall leave the last word to Janet Street Porter: "...She makes expensive bland clothes only the very rich and the very thin can afford or wear."

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Art by the Sea: Cagnes sur Mer

Who needs to travel far to see beauty?
Here is my album of photos taken on my walk in Cagnes sur mer: "Art is in the eye of the beholder"


avid sailors....

treasures from the sea...

on the rocks....
art by the beach....

gorgeous lady....
handsome man....
art for art's sake....
shoulders back,chin down.....
knock before you enter....

cross my palm....

                                                     THE END...don't be a stranger!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Book of the Month: The Homecoming of Samuel Lake by Jenny Wingfield

I read an awful lot of books and just as easily as some people shop at Net a porter, I let loose on Amazon, alot cheaper and a whole lot more satisfying. Books are my drug , just as fashion is my passion and good food a blessing.

Usually, whenever I finish a good book,I simply add it to my Book List...but I have come to the decision that some simply need an extra shout out:  "The Homecoming of Samuel Lake" by Jenny Wingfield is one such book.
If I could say one thing to the author it would be : Thank You

 "Meet Swan Lake, an 11 year old tomboy like no other. She's little. She's quick. And she's just what her brother dreams of being. Formidable"....but the cover jacket doesn't give the story enough credit because it is far,far more than that.

It is about faith and miracles,love and the honest word of man. But there is also laughter and rivalry and evil,pure,pure evil in the form of a hateful man.

I couldn't put this book down and when I did...I couldn't get back to it fast enough. There is something about wanting to devour a book in order to find out what will happen next and then being completely bereft when the book lies finished between your hands.

A must read, it'll warm your cockles during these cold winter nights and make your spirits soar.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Whitney Houston -RIP : "A Song For You"

Whitney Houston a true original passed away.

The girl with the powerful voice whose songs accompanied me through my teens is gone ....I am still "Waiting to Exhale" ....

This is a "Song for You" RIP Whitney...
Another tormented soul laid to rest.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

ASH Wednesday....

Yes!... I am fully aware that Ash Wednesday is a few weeks away yet...But, I simply couldn't resist the play on words..... all will be revealed below:

Dear Readers,
If you haven't had the pleasure already...
Let me introduce you to the fabulous Wedge High Tops by ASH:

These have now been added to my "must have" acquisition list for spring. What with the Olympics around the corner,this is a sportswear fashion staple must for your wardrobes. I cannot tell you what their performance quality is like for...sprinting... But for sashaying in your skinnies, they get my gold medal for spring/ summer 2012. It ticks all the designer trainer must have buttons:
Wedge heel:tick
Sleek design: double tick
Nothing mumsy about them: tick tick tick
Doesn't cost an arm and a leg:Mega tick!!!

I have set my sights on the tan/orange ones with the double velcro fastenings...So Hands Off!

So for all you trendy fashion savvy people out there, make a note and add this site to your list of internet shopping "go to's":

Daniel Footwear is a luxury shoe website with all your favourites and more:Tory Burch,DKNY, Hunter, Ash...the list goes on ,the prices are correct and you could buy your trainers...Today!

Go on....Enjoy an early ASH Wednesday....it is never too early to shop!

Friday, 3 February 2012

Because it is Friday: "River" - Angus Stone (Joni Mitchell cover)

Just sit back and listen  to this gorgeous voice that makes you drift away on a "River": Joni Mitchell's cover by Angus Stone.
Doesn't he look a little like Ashton Kutcher?
Close your eyes and enjoy...because it is Friday.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Aix-ceptional: Bistrot des Philosophes.

What started out as a wet and woolly day ....and a hugely ambitious decision to drive to Aix en Provence, turned out to be .....

 ....a sunny surprise! With the added bonus of having come across this delightful bistro,tucked away from hustle and bustle of boutiques and mid morning market stalls on the Place des Cardeurs. 

There are several restaurants in this "place": one had the tell tale traumas that can only be inflicted by a fidgeting child strapped to a stroller bigger than the restaurant itself and the others though bigger than our "find" ,bore the tell tale tourist trap menus and uninspired waiters.

"The Bistrot des Philosophes" had us at the chequered table cloths we spied from the window, as well as the candle that beckoned us like a curled finger to tempt us with their divine menu.

The bistrot is open for lunch/brunch and offers a "Menu du jour" on week days only,on Saturday you are left to choose from the menu .

Let's talk decor: it is hugely appealing,quirky and whimsical. There are old turntables , typewriters, little retro knickknacks that create an atmosphere of a private club come wine bar. The huge blackboard and industrial hanging lamps lend an air of dishevelled chic with an emphasis on retro....I loved it. Good clean fun and the promise of a hearty menu,who could ask for more.

 The menu is pretty beef orientated and so we decided to share a "Cote de Boeuf"...hmmm and what a sight it was when it was brought to the table on a wooden cutting board. It is served with individual portions of salad: fresh peppery rocket leaves, slices of tomatoes , shavings of carrot and  Parmesan cheese.....

..... as well as little glass jars of the most delicious "pommes de terres rissolees" garlicked up to this side of scrumptious. The presentation was only half as good as the food: that was a wholehearted winters day delight. And if that wasn't enough to sate us, we went down the cheese path and let me tell you.....

"Camembert au calvados et pommes caramelizees au four"...oven baked Camembert with calvados and caramelised apples served on a slate slab with more rocket salad, a  thick raspberry vinegar  and toasted baguette wedges...seriously more-ish... the taste will remain with you days later...and not as in a nasty case of indigestion.

....see the apple? I wanted to make sure you got the whole experience along with me! Any dessert couldn't stand a chance next to this mouthwatering dish. If you love gooey,warm Camembert spread on hot crunchy wedges of baguette..then this is for you...because when you hit the sweet apples like a jam in the middle...your taste buds are going to explode.

87€ for two which includes 4 glasses of wine...(Yes I know,we should have taken a bottle) half a bottle of mineral water, the beef and the Camembert and the smile on our faces?... Was their gift to us.

Bistrot des Philosophes
20,Place des Cardeurs
+33(0)4 42 21 64 35