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Friday, 31 October 2014

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Monday, 27 October 2014

Puttin' the Fun back in Fashion

I came across these 2 ad campaigns and they stuck in my mind:


More than this...they put the Fun back in Fashion ad campaigns..that of late have been run of the mill: SULTRY,SEXY and POUTY....

I give you : " Fly me to the Moon "..by Moncler


"It's raining men"....by Hunter.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

WANG ...Bang ...Thank You Mam!

It is that collaboration time of the year...and it wouldn't be complete without an H&M meets Alexander Wang!
Now Alexander Wang has his hands busy designing his own line as well as the luxury line Balenciaga...but when the opportunity arose to collaborate with H&M...he jumped on the bandwagon.

Needless to say,he joins a long list of designers who have created a capsule collection for them, but apparently his will be different as he will be designing pieces especially for them instead of "reworking catwalk designs."

Very sportswear orientated, this will appeal to many,models included who need that "off duty" apparel.
These photos obviously don't do the collection justice and may cause you temporary blindness due to excessive squinting....so I suggest you visit:
hm.com from 6 November 2014 for the collection...
Or dust off your sleeping bag and get ready to queue.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

What The Blazers!....

Max Mara will give you; classic tailormade to measure blazers for your pleasure.
And at what price?...just a tad over what you would have to pay for your gold filigree bra at La Perla...prices start from£880.
They are limited edition and take : "345mns" to make...
That's precise.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Seriously Smitten with SACAI !!!

I have the pleasure to introduce you to a designer that has made me stand to attention: SACAI.

Sacai designer; Chitose Abe is a former designer at Comme des Garcons,where she worked for 8years before launching her label in 1999. Her collections are made in Japan and her "multi-dimensional designs" are as complex as they are innovative.

Why it has taken me this long to come across her is a mystery to me...but that Selfridges has given her a corner... is an absolute coup.
This is a designer worth her weight in "beautifully constructed and intricate detail" gold. Each piece that I have seen for her Autumn and Winter collection has given me goose bumps ...sensational.
The wool pleated skirts with hidden short trousers: photo 2 ...had me at "Hello there!"....only hiccup for me is that it isn't lined. For a person that cannot wear wool on her skin..this is an unfortunate turn off and especially at that price. 
But! It hasn't deterred not distracted my attention. The items are a little heavy,all the work that has gone into certain items can be felt in the heft when holding up the hanger...but boy! what hanger appeal it has.
It has been a long time since my antenna has come up....I used to feel the same love for Yohji and Miyake...Sacai is up there with them.

Available at Selfridges and online at Netaporter and Farfetch.

Seriously smitten

Friday, 10 October 2014

Your Golden Cups Run'eth over....

It was only a matter of time before somebody spun a bra from gossamer wings ...that is 24-carat gold to you and me...
...and that someone is La Perla....
In all things lingerie,they should know their cup size from their bra straps but at £6,5oo a bra (matching briefs coming in at a whopping:£1,300...) someone is going to get their knickers in a twist!

Handwoven in La Perla's Bologna atelier,the bra is a web of filigree gold as fine as it is precious....it is created to your measurements and should :
"...feel as though you are wearing nothing."
Well that would all depend on your cup size,my dear...as light as your boobs are,the lighter the bra will feel. Anything over a DD and you are in for a world of pain and a national debt the size of Nicaragua.

NB: The bra needs gentle care when hand washing...hand washing? Are you serious?! The bra will have to be DHL'd to heaven,dry cleaned by angels and sent back down to earth. 

Tuesday, 7 October 2014


No...this isn't a scene from "Downton Abbey"...

But it sure is Damian "pucker lips" Lewis on a break from "Homeland" and back in Old Blighty.

"Et Tu... Aquascutum?"


 If you haven't heard of Gigi Hadid...you haven't been paying attention....and the latest ad campaign from Tom Ford should immediately remedy your oversight.
She is the one with the wild head of hair staring back at you....

Gigi Hadid 's mother is the former Dutch model: Yolanda Foster who is now one of the cast members of The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills ...(the only likeable one) and her then husband Palestinian real estate developer: Mohamed Hadid (who btw..has an impressive head of hair himself....)

 She was discovered at the tender age of "2" by Paul Marciano of "GUESS" and made her debut on "Baby Guess". 
After time out for school,Gigi returned to the Marciano's and was named "Face of Guess 2012"...tawny,long limbed and baby faced,she  carved a path for herself amidst all the other golden beauties and headed for New York...
Yes! I watch the RH of BH....and saw that episode!
She made her debut on the New York fashion week 2014 catwalk  for "Desigual" and you can now find her as the face for Tom Ford "Velvet Orchid".....

Can I hear a : "WHOOP WHOOP" for the Palestinian/dutch beauty?

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Michelle Williams and Capucine by LOUIS VUITTON

I love Michelle Williams....

I love the softness of her image in the latest Louis Vuitton advertisement campaign photographed by the wonderful Peter Lindberg...

I love the bag even more:
.....pictured here in "outremer/sky blue" or soft pink.....

Friday, 3 October 2014


As I turn the pages of the fashion magazines I religiously buy myself every month,it dawned on me...the other morning...how many celebrities are lending their "faces" for designer product advertising.
These almost came one after the other and my frockanrolla light bulb went off:

Exhibit no. 1: Rita Ora for DKNY

Exhibit no.2: Alexa Chung for Longchamp

Exhibit no.3....(yes,yes..been watching "The Good Wife" and feeling my inner Alicia)
David Beckham for Belstaff

And finally,
Exhibit no.4: Tony the Tiger.....

...for Anya Hindmarch.

" She's GREAAAATTTT".....

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Victoria's boutique and Amal's ....feet?

Last week was a busy week for Victoria Beckham; just as she was swabbing the decks of her new and about to be opened boutique in London's super chic Dover Street and hubby David was checking to make sure the till was in working order...did she have to fly to New York and miss the opening of her London flagship store! Pfffff...what a pain!
And for what?
To give a speech as the new UN goodwill ambassador...I sure hope they were passing out Ferrero Rocher....

The store opened without a glitch,the public was queueing in an orderly fashion and David Beckham was there to represent his wife.

"Did you go to Victoria Beckham's new boutique?" I asked my friend Rula over dinner in Novicov the other night.
"I hate her" was her reply...and we dug into our prawn and coriander dim sum.

"Have you been following George (Clooney) and Amal ( Alamudin)'s wedding?" Rula asked as we tucked into the divine duck salad.
" Bits here and there on the news and in the paper" I replied. (This was the night before the wedding so I didn't find out that her wedding dress wasn't in fact Alexander McQueen but Oscar de la Renta...)
" She is gorgeous but she has the most horrendous taste in shoes!" I exclaimed.
" Shoes!..." gushed Rula." She has the ugliest feet!!...You must Google: Amal Alamudin's feet and see for yourself!"

I was in hysterics.

"I am serious!" replied Rula. " And check Jennifer Garner's too while you are at it!"

Guys...I Googled and I found...and in a nutshell: she was right....( shudder)
Jennifer Garner's feet are cute in comparison to Amal's....(how can I put this lightly)...she must never be seen in sandals .....everrrrrr.
I just hope that George isn't a foot fetishist....well he simply can't be....otherwise he must love her very very much and wear a mask.

"My worst nightmare is to be a shoe salesman" announces Adel (Rula's husband) over steamed rice and spicy fillets of sole.
" Really?" I reply. " Wouldn't a chiropodist tip that scale?"
" You are right!" Adel exclaims.

Guess he didn't like those feet either.

Just saying.

Wellington boots: a new lease on life

Forget the cutesy kittens that lend an air of innocence sheltered beneath this superb "umbrella" of a trench coat.....I am talking rain boots here , wellies if you will...these are seriously on trend...
I want.