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Thursday, 29 January 2015

LOUIS VUITTON: ...kiss your wallet goodbye & fly!

Want to hear some terrific news?

Louis Vuitton has opened it's 1st airport store in Europe within London Heathrow terminal 5's roof!!!
Do you know how exciting that is???

...Huh? Do ya?
We fly out of there almost monthly and we are HUGE FANS of LV...next to Chanel and Hermes,naturally.

So we stormed in there like Stormin' Norman during the invasion of Kuwait with the firm intention of hopefully baggin' a bargain!!!

No can do, sisters!!!

There is no price reduction if you are travelling within Europe!!! I was ready to hop on a flight to Bangalore ...but common sense prevailed.

The store is fabulous and glamorous and bling blinging in every corner....but the brakes went down on any shopping from there...

Oh Poop!

More on the Terminal 5 front ,which is undergoing a major face lift....Bottega Venetta has opened its doors there as well as Smythsons and Fortnum and Masons...with their first ever airport store.

And to top that...and this is a shout out to my friend Janet in Houston:

"Jahhhhh-net!! Can you hear meeeeee???!"

...she was inconsolable when her beloved Prunier closed down...well Fortnum's has opened their own bar food area...and it is bigger and better!

As Fredrik Ecklund would say when closing yet another gazillion dollar deal: WEEEEEEEEE !!

                                                      (Sorry about fuzzy picture...)