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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

I'm a PANK.....are you?

In case you were wondering whether I have lost my marbles...it's simply that you are out of touch with this generations lingo....
MILF....et al....Know what that is? Do I have to explain everything to you!!!?

Well here is a new one for you and one I am proud of being:

PANK: "Professional Aunt No Kids"......

Hands up all those who like me are: childless,happy to be so and  a great aunt to their friends kids!

I was a the checkout counter of the supermarket today and I recognised a lady in the queue next to me:

"Hello there!" she exclaims,smiling at me. " Day off?"....she clearly knows nothing about me.

"I have no kids! Every day is a day off!" I reply without thinking.
Thankfully she laughed,others may have been offended.

I love kids,simply other peoples and especially those at the walking,talking stages of their lives when you can discuss music,celebrities and shopping!!
Babies? Not so much ...I simply never felt the need to smell them, hold them, kiss their little feet and hands...Sorry! In my eyes at this stage of their lives,they belong solely to their moms,God bless them. 

So back to being a PANK....I am proud to be one and I hope I have been a good one to Lara,Tania, Philippe, Mael,Alex Rana, Dalia, Laila,Teymour,Rakan...and the list goes on! Plus there are my little cousins who now of kids of their own....I'll be a bloody old PANK pretty soon...

Don't know these particular kids...but the image is gorgeous.