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Friday, 28 February 2014


Does anybody know what :
PRORSUM even means...?....guess I could look it up.

My friend Sonia asked me what the colours are for this spring and summer...
there is no better way to sum it up then by showing her this gorgeous ad campaign:

I couldn't resist adding my all time favourite flowers to spruce things up: Peonies.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014


....Or as I like to refer to her : Laura FANTA-STIC!

She is the Fashion and Shopping editor at RED MAGAZINE....and I simply love her style and eye for fashion.
She takes " every day" pieces and throws in a hint of pizazz and POW! .....


My favourite "ensemble" is on the bottom right hand corner: Love...Love...Love the little mink coat slung over khaki chinos with the rolled up cuffs , the beige Chanel quilted handbag clasped just so....revealing a man size watch and the stripes of her cotton top...then of course; the slingback pumps....PERFECT.
Now I have a lil'short white mink jacket;I have never dared wear....I have the chinos that are  my staple, stripey tops up the wazoo, the watch,the bag..(in black...) and sling  backs...
What am a waiting for?
A set of balls ....

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

....these are a Few of my Favourite Things....

These are staple "must haves" for any woman worth her weight in style and substance....ok so the Hermes Bag probably costs more than all the pieces put together...but if you're not counting...Go for it!
1)  A classic trench coat
2) A khaki parka with hood
3) A classic "mariniere" sweater in navy and cream
4) A grey marl sweatshirt 
5)Cotton t-shirts in white and grey: V neck and round neck
6)A classic Hermes leather handbag 
7)Suede Manolo Blahnik court shoes...in any colour!
8)Chanel: "Rouge Noir" nail polish
9)Mac: velvety Red lipstick

......10) JEANS! Check out the new "Cuffed skinny" from Gap