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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

ASH Wednesday....

Yes!... I am fully aware that Ash Wednesday is a few weeks away yet...But, I simply couldn't resist the play on words..... all will be revealed below:

Dear Readers,
If you haven't had the pleasure already...
Let me introduce you to the fabulous Wedge High Tops by ASH:

These have now been added to my "must have" acquisition list for spring. What with the Olympics around the corner,this is a sportswear fashion staple must for your wardrobes. I cannot tell you what their performance quality is like for...sprinting... But for sashaying in your skinnies, they get my gold medal for spring/ summer 2012. It ticks all the designer trainer must have buttons:
Wedge heel:tick
Sleek design: double tick
Nothing mumsy about them: tick tick tick
Doesn't cost an arm and a leg:Mega tick!!!

I have set my sights on the tan/orange ones with the double velcro fastenings...So Hands Off!

So for all you trendy fashion savvy people out there, make a note and add this site to your list of internet shopping "go to's":

Daniel Footwear is a luxury shoe website with all your favourites and more:Tory Burch,DKNY, Hunter, Ash...the list goes on ,the prices are correct and you could buy your trainers...Today!

Go on....Enjoy an early ASH Wednesday....it is never too early to shop!