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Thursday, 5 July 2012

For all those of you who don't know him....THE DAD HATTER

Yes... he does resemble the late great Peter Ustinov's Hercule Poirot in this picture...but The Dad Hatter ain't no sleuth nor a CS Lewis character... He is my Dad: a master of sarcasm , wit and Borsalino's.

The Dad Hatter Chronicles are short bursts of "chatter" between us(my sister,Dad and I and anyone in between)  that I have been lovingly compiling to share with you. All this is a click away...on the left hand side...just by the sketch:

The Chatter will be the comedy relief that will bulk up the book "THE DAD HATTER CHRONICLES" that I am working on: part historical background, part stories of his past with wild characters that spiced up our lives...but most importantly:100%  humour.

If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting him yet....Let me introduce you to:
The Dad Hatter..my dad, my inspiration. 

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