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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Supply & Reprimand....

Mr.G was approached by his gardener:

" I have some beautiful tomatoes from my garden to give you..."
"Very kind of you but...we don't cook"replied Mr. G. "Why don't you enjoy them instead"he replied politely hoping that would be that and he could get on with whatever he was doing.

"You don't cook?" asked the suprised gardener. "Well we have some lovely potatos, my wife does a delicious dish with them....I'll bring that over instead"insisted the gardener not getting the finality of the previous sentence uttered by Mr. G.

"No don't bother yourself...really. Enjoy them yourselves!" replied Mr G kindly, insisting with charm and class not wanting to offend the man but now tiring with this repartee.

"Oh! No trouble at all...I'll bring it over tomorrow " satisfied that he had found the compromise, the gardener would finally be able to share his fresh vegetables.But Mr.G unflustered and undeterred firmly replied:

"NO, don't come!"