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Thursday, 2 August 2012

My Summer Reading List:My Week with Marilyn & The Chaperone...

I didn't expect much when I saw the movie : "My week with Marilyn"...thinking Michelle Williams would not be up to task...she blew my mind!
And so did this true story...so I bought the book by Colin Clark himself.

This book is actually 2 books in one,comprising of: " The Prince, the Showgirl and Me"..which is perfectly captured in the film and the second half : " My week with Marilyn" which is a more in depth account of  what happened in  Colin's life when during a week,he briefly shone in Marilyn's eyes.
 I recommend both : the book and the film if you are as curious as I about Marilyn,her highs,her lows and her incredible power over men.

"The Chaperone"is a disappointing title that could have had a little more oomph in it. If I had not read what it was about on Amazon...my eyes would have skimmed right over it and that would have been a great,great shame as this novel is truly beautiful.

This is about...well in a peripheral way...another Hollywood legend,the dark and brooding:Louise Brooks and her chaperone the main character in this engaging novel. From Wichita, Kansas and a small life to New York and its thrills. The characters are as full bodied as a fine wine and I loved each and every one of them...and that is nearly never the case!

"I am ready for my close up...Mr DeMille" as well as Louise Brooks' autobiography:"Lulu in Hollywood."

More later....