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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

You say "Ice Watch"...I say "Rust Watch"....

I bought an "Ice-Watch" Pure watch about 3 months ago...a transparent one for summer and sports and so forth.
I kept the receipt...luckily. 

Last week I had my first dip of the season...the weather has been foul and I was literally only waist deep in the pool enjoying life,the sun and "my light as a feather, no need to worry about it..." Ice-Watch.
Fast forward following morning, when I reach for my watch only to see that it had started to rust!!!
Yes rust,I say!!
Completely flabbergasted, I take the receipt and the whole paraphernalia that comes with the watch: the impossible to open cube of a watch box,the 2 year warranty and the notice that specifically says that the watch can be worn up to 10meters under water.

Here is the conversation:

" Hello...I bought this watch end of March and after my first dip...my watch has rusted!!!" I hand the watch to the salesgirl shaking with suppressed rage.
"Oh yes...I can see that...Pity you didn't bring it in sooner..."
" This happened yesterday!! Obviously the watch was perfectly alright until my dip in the pool!!!"
Dumbo checks the receipt and the warranty and says:
" I will have to send it to be verified..."
"Are you kidding me? What is there to verify? You can see the rust from a mile away!! Why don't you just exchange the watch for me!"
"Oh no!! I can't do that" she replies loftily.
"How long will it take?" I ask .
" A month"...
"ONE MONTH FOR A PLASTIC , 79€ WATCH!!" I yell beside myself with anger." I bought this to wear over the summer,not come Christmas...get me your manager!"

The manageress barely a notch better than her salesgirl...proceeds to tell me that I had:
"....exaggerated the amount of time allowed for it in the water"....
"You must mistake me for Jacques Cousteau! I don't scuba dive, I splash about... The watch is allowed under 10 meters of water..." and there I pull out the leaflet in the stupid box I had to get the salesgirl to open!!!
"So what it says here is a lie....???" she didn't know which way to shake her head: a negative no...a positive yes.....
" You are lucky that Ice-Watch will take it in to look at it and analyse it...."
"I am honoured but seriously this isn't a Blancpain...so be a good girl and replace this one from the massive amount of stock you have here and I will be on my way..."
"I can't justify the missing watch from the stock"...

I was livid and made it perfectly clear that I would talk about this,write about this to all willing to listen and that I will never buy this junk again! 

I now have a coupon  with a claim number and an access code number so that " I can follow the progress of my watch via Internet...."


Stay clear of the Ice-Watch shop on the rue d'Antibes in Cannes...it is run by a couple of unprofessional bozos who would rather pass the buck and blame you for the faulty watch then try and save face,keep the customer happy and bloody exchange it.


Anonymous said...

My daughter has a cheap £5 watch that looks similar to an Ice - she's had it over 6 months, keeps perfect time, survived being dropped etc, although she's not taken it swimming yet. Moral of the story, sometimes cheap copies are better!

Reem Adeeb said...

So damn true Anonymous! I had an unknown make of a watch that lasted years...

Anonymous said...

Get a real watch!!!!!

Reem Adeeb said...

Why would I buy an Ice Watch if I didn't have a "real watch"?

Anonymous said...

Ups, sorry - forgot about that.....!!!!

Shoo Kaman? said...

Cheap watch makers are a scam. They think that just because they are comparatively cheap then the unsatisfied buyer will simply chuck it away and move on. Thanks for your post and I sure will never buy anything from them...thanks to the power of the internet.

Reem Adeeb said...

I have to agree with that but if the watch had lasted a little longer than " 5 mins"... I wouldn't have had such an allergic reaction towards Ice-Watch!! I have no problem with "disposable goods" but they should stand the test of time ..then you can throw it away and buy another.I have a Swatch that has lasted years and is still going strong...
Thanks for sharing your thoughts Shoo Kaman?

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