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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Psychedelic or Simply Schizophrenic.....

Valentino Garavani's New collection is called and I quote:

Psychedelic Plexi 1973......

Now Valentino sold his company in 2012 to "a company controlled by the Qatari royal family ..." for a shed load of money.

Now I understand this shift in the Valentino Look..... one that baffles me immensely.

Of late nothing appeals to me in Valentino...I am a firm believer that if someone wants the true essence of Mr. Valentino they better hunt down his original lines that would now quite possibly be considered  as" Vintage Valentino" and what a regal ring to that.

Getting back to the "Psychedelic"...it is more Schizophrenic.... or even a tad Psychotic or in laymen's terms quite simply...Horrific....

 I don't get it...I don't want it and after having seeing his Multi Coloured Camouflage collection in Harvey Nichols...I felt a migraine coming on.

Oh Fashion...you can blindside me at times....


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